True Grit. One Year Later.

One Year Later

(Click here to read about what happened Apr 27, 2014)

This version has more pictures and less words than the online version found here at . The posts are similar but a bit different Take your pick!
Thanks so much for you tremendous love and support this past year. Krista

1. April 27, 2014. The painful finish with “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background.  Video here.
2. Alan Brookes carries me to medical care. 
3. All in a day: Race 10:00 am. Ambulance transfer and arrival to hospital 3:00 pm. Xray and CT 9:00 pm. Surgery 12:00 am.
4. Tweeted, “Near complete fracture. Surgery success and hubby here. Thx 4 prayers. Still teary but God is good and I WILL be back! “
5. First workout: extension.

Second workout: crutches. 

6. The hardware. 
7. My amazing husband stayed with me while I was in hospital, thanks to his generous company, Vantage Endoscopy. Even though they specialize in equipment that’s a bit different, he still knew enough to but me the “Deluxe” urinal for the long drive home, May 1. True love. 
8.Three sweet kids glad to see mom home again. But they were in great care with Grammy and Grampa when I was away.

9. May 2015. First day back to the gym, 18 days post surgery. Easy does it. Pool and light weights to start…
10…then biking with no resistance…

11. June…next walking, holding the bars…

12. followed by the elliptical at 5 weeks (June 2).

13. May. Family get away to Ottawa Race Weekend. The boys raced and I commentated. Lots of fun.
14. Late May/early June. Down to a cane!

15.  Look mom, no hands. Walking video here at 7 weeks, June 15.

16. July and August. Rehab at the cabin and enjoying simple daily living, especially with my amazing sister.
17. From walk-jog in July to complete running in late August on this beautiful country road.

18. Last sweet indulgence, July 12, nine months before big goal of running the Apr 12 Rotterdam Marathon!

19.  · Aug 27 Tweeted, 
“Steady 10 k in 44:02, four months post femur fracture with just this little scar to show.
20. Back at home on the treadmill at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre in September. Running video here.
22. First track workout, Oct 23.
23. November. First race back. 8km at goal marathon pace.

24. December. Second race back. 10km at goal marathon pace.

25. March 1. Fourth race back. Half marathon at goal marathon pace.

26. March 7-17. Escaping the Canadian winter to train with Mary Davies in Texas and train/vacation with family in Florida. Logged 170 km/week.

27. Goal setting, August to March. This paper was so key. Did 4 k @ 4:03/km in August and 42.2 k @ 3:32/k in April. Trusting the numbers.

28. April 12, 2015. Pacing our way in the Rotterdam Marathon.
29. Solo effort from 30 km to finish the job.

30. Don’t think I’ve ever felt so good or so happy in the final moments of any of my 11 marathons.

30. Relief.

31. Gratitude. Second fastest time of 2:29:38 and Bronze Medal!

32. Enjoying the sweet treats in the 2 weeks post marathon. So delicious, especially in Europe for the few travel days after the race.

33. And still smelling the roses with my loved ones. 
Deuteronomy 4:9 …never forget what you have seen the Lord do for you…
Hebrews 11:1 …faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen…

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