Like Nothing Happened

Like Nothing Happened

I sit at my computer, hardly able to articulate how I feel. It’s done. It’s over. Like nothing happened. Other than getting in my first rust-buster race in a few weeks, I have checked off all the boxes on the recovery to full-time training and racing transition plan:
First full run with no walk break. Done. Aug 24.
First full km at goal marathon race pace. Done. Sept 2.
First solid run of 20+km. Done. Sept 27.
First 100+ km week. Done. Oct 12.
First run with scheduled pick ups. Done. Oct 18.
First track workout. Done. Oct 23.
First week with my favourite 28 km road/trail route. Done. Oct 25.
I fully realize there is much, much more work to do in order to get back to a sub 2:30 marathon but like we have said all along, there is lots of time. No need to rush.
When speaking at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon expo with Silvia Ruegger, we were asked about how we were able to overcome our significant injuries and return to successful marathoning. Silvia explained the importance of staying strong in other areas, i.e., hours of pool running and other forms of strength/cross-training, to which I completely agreed. I then spoke about how I compared this injury to another pregnancy. I needed to be patient, allowing my body to heal completely, knowing I would return with another strong passion to train and race like never before. You can’t bypass the last few months of a 9 month pregnancy; I could not skip through the critical weeks the bone was healing.
As for the numbers, Coach Rick and I are following the training and racing plan executed after my last injury, which was a glute medius strain and tendonopathy followed by a few broken ribs around the time of Dec 2012-Feb 2013. This time we planned twice as long to recover from my femur fracture as it was much more significant. Comparing the six months prior to when I was in 2:27 shape for Worlds (Aug 2013), I am now about a month ahead of where I was then! I will again repeat with a distance of 8km as my first race back to get out the rust. Ideally I can hold on to marathon goal pace (3:30/km) but we have no high expectations. Running strong and steady with a solid finish is the priority.
I just finished two down weeks of 77 and 80 km, which was scheduled as a necessary recovery period before resuming 100+km weeks again. I get excited to look at the training and racing plans that is mapped ahead. As they say, “Onward and Upward”!

That day when I’d run 20 km with James and Clayton like nothing ever happened.  Happened. Sept 27, 5 months post femur fracture/surgery.
Enjoying a coffee after to celebrate our friendship. 

Great support team, checking my running form and reviewing my recovery and training plan. Thanks, James, Rick and Paul (Essential Physio). Missing: David (Therapeutic Massage Counsel).  

Kip Kongogo and I are all smiles for our Coach, Rick Mannen.

8:00 am. Getting ready to go live for the 25th Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. 

12:30 pm. And that’s a wrap! Thanks for a great morning, Tim Hutchings and Michael Doyle. Next marathon…I’m racing!
Kelly Weibe and Krista DuChene, Saucony athletes. Unfortunately Kelly didn’t have the marathon debut he would have liked due to injury. We will see him back at it!

Gorgeous day to do my first track workout in 6 months! I did 6 x 800 m repeats with 1:45 rest between, Oct 23. Not too bad.

Our 8 yr old is again playing rep hockey this year. We just love seeing his passion and talent grow. It’s been said that he is very coachable; an honour for any parent to hear.

Love seeing our 6 yr old enjoy his swimming and piano lessons.
Back on the ice, teaching another one to skate. A few more weeks and she will be done with the pusher. All smiles.

Oh, the years I’ve spent reading books to the kids in the van before the childcare at the gym opens. Sadly, this is our last year as our youngest will be in full-time JK next year. I will cherish these days yet be ready to hand her over as she will be more than ready to go. I certainly don’t look forward to the day they are all in school but will take full advantage of more opportunity to rest and recharge in my quiet afternoons. The timing is perfect for my long term goals.

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