Possible is not always Easy

Best hoodie ever. Coffee on the back deck at the cabin, “Living the Dream” with my sister.

Beautiful scenes enjoyed this summer while returning to running.

My training partner doing exercises with me in the cabin.

Rest. Rejoice. Recover. Yes!

13 years with this great guy!

Watermelon on the back deck at the cabin.

And they’re off!

Saucony shoes x 11.

It’s been more than a month since last writing, shortly after being given the green light to start jogging that was 10 weeks after fracturing my femur on April 27 at the Canadian Half Marathon Championships. And I am happy to report that all is well. It’s great, actually. I started with sets of 15 seconds of shuffling and 2 minutes 45 seconds of walking, and slowly but surely decreased the walking while increasing the jogging.
Prior to my surgery in Montreal 16 weeks ago, I remember thinking that I soon as I woke up, it would all be about recovery from that point. Slow recovery. I knew that I would have to be very careful with my rehabilitation; it would be something I could not and would not rush. And the first place I thought of, which would be great for this pace was our cabin at the campground where I spent much of my summer as a child. It would be perfect. The kids would love the freedom and fun of riding their bikes, fishing at the creek, building forts, playing games, exploring, swimming, going to the candy store, and participating in programs while I would get to ease into training with a soft surface dirt road nearby, my bike on rollers in the cabin, and the campground pool. The atmosphere would be restful and relaxing, we would see Jonathan mid-week and on weekends since his work schedule would be so busy, have limited use of screens, and get to spend our summer with my sister and her three kids!
Now with only one week left before moving back home to prepare for the routine of the kids’ hockey, swim lessons, preschool skates and school, and my increased training, I can honestly say that I think it was been the best summer of my life. I have not heard the “b” word (bored) from the kids, have spent great quality time with my sister and family, enjoyed much spiritual growth and reflection, and immensely loved every bit of the outdoors. It hasn’t been our typical hot and humid Ontario summer, which has been just fine for me. It couldn’t have been any better. I have felt blessed, each and every day, and continued to dream and focus on my big goals and dreams.
The Numbers
Prior to getting a rehab training plan from Rick, I scratched down a few numbers to show where I was and where I needed to be in order to make the qualifying time in 2015 for the 2016 Olympic Games. The standards have not yet been announced but when they are, I will be that much more motivated! Here’s a breakdown of my progress:
  • At the end of week 2, I completed 300 m consecutively at 5:17/km within my longest jog total of 7 km, within a 37.5 km week.
  • At the end of week 12, my goal was to complete 5 km consecutively at 4:49/km, knowing I would need to complete a 20 km tempo at 3:27/km in March 2015.
  • At the end of week 6, I completed 5 km consecutively at 4:15/km the day after my longest jog total of 13.5 km, within a 61 km week.
I’ll say it again, like Bethany said in “Soul Surfer” after losing her arm to a shark, I needed possible, not easy. And what I defined as possible was being able to run at a decent pace without bone pain or any feeling of the steel plate and screws in the femur. Mission accomplished. And I am so grateful.
The Downer
Everything was going really well until the weekend of July 26. A few days before I tripped on a rock, catching myself on the bad leg, and it started to physically hurt. It also didn’t help that I was emotionally hurting a bit, knowing I was supposed to be racing alongside Lanni Marchant in the marathon at the Commonwealth Games (CG) in Scotland. Not knowing what was wrong with my leg and seeing all the CG action that weekend was a bummer. Lanni did amazingly well, placing 4th overall. We are great friends and fierce competitors; I couldn’t help but think how I too could have raced that day. I allowed myself to feel down for a bit yet still enjoyed the weekend, which included a day with Jonathan while celebrating my cousin’s beautiful wedding.
Coach Rick got in touch with James (Dr. Dill, ortho surgeon) and I was in to see him right away. I felt a great deal of relief after James revealed the bone looked great and I could continue with my return to running. I tell you, having a friend care for you during a low moment in your life is really something precious to be valued. After James sensed my emotional state and asked how I was really doing, I was able to articulate that I didn’t want to injure myself again. Through some tears I explained how I was struggling with trusting myself to “Listen to my body”, something in which I always took pride. We agreed that I would have to remember that initial, unique pain of the original stress fracture, and that I would eventually build that trust within myself with time and additional running. Most importantly through this period, I took great confidence and comfort in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
The Routine
While at the cabin, I established a great training routine. I didn’t set an alarm, which usually had me heading out at around 6:45 am to a nearby, country road for an hour or so. The experience took me back to my childhood on the farm. I just loved walk/jogging alongside farms and fields with the blue, sunny sky and abundant greenery. No cement. No big buildings. Just country. I used my Garmin to know how far I was jogging for each set, in order to total my mileage for the day. Once I returned to the cabin, I got out my gear to complete my 20 minute stretching, physio and strength exercise routine while the kids ate their breakfast before jumping on their bikes to start their day.
In the afternoon, I would get on my bike for 30 minutes then grab the swim gear and head to the pool with the kids. While they played their pool games and swam like fish, I did a combination of water-running, swimming and treading for 60 minutes. Riding the bike and being in the pool with temperatures as low as 62 degrees wasn’t always my favourite but it built mental strength, necessary for my marathon return! 
The Joy
Having my sister with me at our campground was so special and meaningful. She helped out with the kids so I could train and work. And I was able to assist with her kids and some groceries. We often expressed our happiness with our “Living the Dream” summer. As a teacher, she was in her happy place and I was returning to my love of running while our families were enjoying hours of quality time together. This amazing summer is nearly over and I can hardly believe that the time is coming where I look back at this whole fractured femur thing as a distant memory.
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  1. So wonderful to hear about your summer and your progress with running, Krista! You continue to be an inspiration. Looking forward to seeing you at the Harvest Half!

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