A Week Later … Life in my Home Office

A Week Later … Life in my Home Office
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“Your optimism and steadfast faith are such an inspiration. Your honesty in sharing the tears and struggles is equally an inspiration. Praying for you!”

It’s about noon on Sunday, May 4. Exactly one week ago, I sat alone in the elite room after a “gutsy” finish of the Montreal CDN Half Marathon Championships, not knowing I had a fractured femur, while the other runners attended the awards ceremony. I was so close to defending my title but forced to settle with some different hardware instead: 1 bronze medal, 1 plate and 3 screws. Definitely not in the plan. Even I cringe when I watch the Canada Running Series and iRun finishing videos. The “Eye of the Tiger” song and “Break a Leg” expression have a whole new meaning now.
Now that I’m home, I continue to receive amazing support and am so grateful. Jonathan’s parents have been over the top with the kids, meals, and housework. They are amazing people who continuously serve others, never expecting anything in return. Our kids have been so blessed to have them, especially as their only grandparents (Jonathan never even met my parents). Having watched our 3 kids while we were in Europe after World Champs last August, and Jamaica this past January, they have really gotten to know eachother. I am so pleased when, from the couch where I spend much of my time, I hear them obey their grandparents. Micah, Seth and Leah aren’t perfect but seeing the respect they show is very special for Jonathan and I. Parenting is a tough job so it’s nice to feel like you aren’t doing too bad once in a while.
After our 9 hr drive home from Montreal General, Jonathan wanted to get me in the house safely before allowing hugging and kissing from the kids. He felt it was very important that they see my fragile condition, first. Poor Leah sat on the piano bench like a little puppy in training. Seth was gentle and caring, setting up a game of chess right beside me. And Micah was his normal self, full of questions.  They are doing very well to be careful around my bad leg but are still kids and I am often reminding them to take caution.
I slept a solid 7 hours last night without waking with the desire to change position or use the washroom. And we’ve been settling in to a fairly good routine at home. The kids fetch anything I need, say good night before heading up to bed and greet me first thing in the morning upon waking. I’m still in pyjamas with hairy legs but I’ve washed my hair twice. Progress.
I’ve had a steady but tolerable pace of visitors, which has been nice. I’m an extrovert so welcome any opportunity to fill my day but must remember to keep pacing myself. Rest is still extremely important.
I am able to move my leg much easier every day, sit for longer periods on various chairs and couches, and even carefully and steadily stand with weight on both legs. The incision is healing well and I am only using tylenol about twice every 24 hrs. But it hurts with the occasional muscle spasm, sudden movement, or sneeze (that I anticipated from broken ribs last year) and I still have a good amount of swelling, particularly around the knee. Much like after a pregnancy, I am finding it difficult to know how to stand and move properly. I don’t want to develop bad habits, do too much or too little. Sherri will see me for physio on Tuesday and James will see me in the fracture clinic on Friday.  They will be able to assess me and we will then create an updated recovery plan.
Just like after Micah was born and I returned home from hospital, Jonathan has now left for a few days of work out of town so we are back in the great care of his folks. There are so many comparisons to having a baby; they will stay as long as needed but are willing to head home when we think and feel it is right. Before leaving, Jonathan helped me bathe and wash my hair just in time to get cozy on my couch to hear our church service via FaceTime. Thanks, Natalie and Keith. The gang has returned with cards and gifts so I’ll sign off until the next time.

Jeremiah 29:11

New International Version (NIV)
11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Home Sweet Home.

The new hardware. 

Like my recent presentation to the swim club on, “Dealing with Disappointment”, it’s time to practise what I preach by focusing on the benefits to the back-up plan.

Shortly after showing her how I’d administer my needle, Leah was on the couch, talking herself through her own injection.

Flowers, cards, food. Thanks, Brant Community Church and others.

Recently Britanie finished chemo and radiation and had her second mastectomy . I guess it’s my turn for the recovery road.

My morning view. 

My aunt said she thought I might prefer baking over flowers, if given the choice. Like when my mom was sick,  Aunt Andrea’s love and care was expressed in her caring and thoughtful way. Thanks so much for the baking and visit. Another area to pace myself. Must hide from kids.

Leah using her “crutches”, walking around the house saying she can’t yet use the stairs. Micah fetching me coffee in the background. So glad I trained him to do so, carefully, before my accident.

My sweets. 

Thanks for the visit, card and “Half Full” shirt, Mike!

Kids pitching in, tidying and vacuuming. 

Lots of reading, lego and chess.

Seth will often come and sit beside me, playing songs on his “flute” or singing to me. Love.

Physio discharge note. “Cooperative, motivated +++, emotional”. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.
New book to read, “David and Goliath by Malcom Gladwell”.

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