Busy Day at Montreal General – Another Day … in a New Office

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Shortly after Jonathan headed back to the hotel Monday evening, I read a few more encouraging messages then settled in for what I hoped to be a restful night. Did not happen. Out of respect for another patient, I won’t get into details but I hardly slept, again for the second night in a row. I know it’s hard to sleep while in hospital but this was something else. Might as well have been the labour and delivery floor. Because sleep is so important for recovery, I was concerned and when I’m overtired, I cry easily.

Anyway, after falling asleep at 5:00, I was woken up at 6:30 for my vitals, which are necessary before rounds. The two ortho residents came by, looked at the incision, got my update and basically said I could be discharged – but it was up to physio. 
Shortly after breakfast and Jonathan’s arrival, physio came by but my time with them was shortened because I had to go for my post-op x-ray. They were able to assess me but it was clear that I was not ready to return home. I knew I wasn’t physically ready but the tears still flowed. I just couldn’t move my leg in order to accomplish the basics. But they were positive and gave me my exercises and said they hoped they’d be able to pop in again later. I successfully used the toilet (these are big events post surgery) then was wheeled away to x-ray. The travel down the hallway was an enjoyable change of scenery. 
Upon my return I was delighted to discover I was moved to a semi-private room! Earlier, in the middle of the night, I had emailed a few close friends and family members to pray for the situation. It was definitely answered. 
The morning quickly filled with a range of activities: learning to give myself injections at home for the anti-clotting med, numerous bookings for interviews (in person and by phone for newspaper articles and  radio shows), ordering lunch from the “Room Service” brochure, resting, and doing my exercises. Like my routine at home, I knew I could get all my tasks accomplished in the morning and be ready for a solid nap at 1:00 pm after lunch. I had another set-back when I fainted again upon my return on crutches from the toilet. More tears but we think it is because I was going from flat on my back to standing, not sitting between. I already have low blood pressure to begin with so it was not overly alarming considering I’m recovering from a half marathon, broken femur and surgery! But still a concern. Until now, I had never fainted in my life. 
So, with Jonathan beside me, receiving flowers and taking phone calls, I shut off my devices and nestled in for a sleep. There’s so much you have to time properly – mainly peeing and pain meds – in order be successful with sleeping and activity. Around 3:00 pm when the meds wore off, I woke up but felt much better. Two solid hours of sleep can do wonders! 
Overall, it has been a day where I can again count my blessings. Jonathan has gone back for the night to start planning the logistics of our trip home, whenever that is.  A trip to the pharmacy for my meds, shopping for crutches and a raised toilet seat, and renting a van will fill his evening.
I’ll continue to post updates by Twitter and Facebook.
Time for some serious zzzzz’s.
Enjoy the pictures.
Just like my ambulance experience in Russia at World Champs – no one spoke english and I was transferred multiple times.

Two steps forward = upgrade from bedpan to commode + success with crutches. One step back = fainting back  into bed.

Alan Brookes whisking me away with Rachel and Erin assisting. I guess this is our podium picture – gold, silver, bronze!

The dietitian in me still eating balanced meals. Turkey, sweet potato, mixed vegetable and asparagus….and can you see the Reese Peanut Butter cup underneath? Thanks, Wendi and friends!

Smiles after surgery while the stronger OR drugs were still in me!

Chocolate covered strawberries? Yes, please! Thank you for the lovely arrangements, Essential Physio, Mayor Chris Friel & Brantford City Council, Canada Running Series, and ScotiaBank Quebec, delivered personally by Nathalie Bergeron from High Road Communications

Doing what I must do for physio. Tough work to recover.

First hospital photo shoot.

Love this picture. Grammy and Leah nearly asleep while snuggling. Kids are in great care.

My man, booking interviews, receiving flowers, screening calls so I can sleep, and investigating discharge logistics. #TeamDuChene

Writing has been very therapeutic during it all. A peanut butter cup makes it a little sweet.

Chit-chatting for the Montreal Gazette story.


  1. Sometimes it is good to let the tears flow… cleansing in a way. Praying that you will be home soon. ~ Laurie March

  2. Hope you get to go home soon! And wow, your hospital food looks so much better than what I was given.
    Good luck with your self injections. I've become pretty darn good at changing my IV bag and flushing the line out (the cool things you learn from adversity 🙂 )

  3. I hope you get to go home soon! Being in the hospital is a drag, and especially being far away from your family.

    We are all rooting for you!

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