Harry's Spring Run-Off 8 km

Harry’s Spring Run-Off 8 k and 5 k to Fight Prostate Cancer

Any event I race that supports cancer research and programs is very special to me. My parents lost their battles to the disease and currently my friend is recovering from her second mastectomy after many rounds of chemotherapy and radiation since her diagnosis last year. This year, $185,000 was raised to fight prostrate cancer. Great job again, Canada Running Series for a great cause at a great race!
Fortunately recovery from the Around the Bay 30 km race was relatively simple and straight forward. I did an easy 20 km run, Monday and Tuesday, and really focused on resting more than usual throughout the week. On Wednesday I completed a 8 x 800 m workout on the road around the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre where I train. Because I can’t leave the building while my kids are in childcare, coach Rick and I have made it work the last few years. I can do workouts on the treadmill, around the building, on the outdoor track next door, or on the new indoor track so there are several options. It is not ideal but we complete the job. There is a great rubberized track in Brantford but it’s across town with no childcare. We’ve done some key workouts there but making it a weekly event is just not realistic.
Like last weekend, I was again able to sleep in my own bed and do my normal routine at home the night before racing, which is ideal. Because I’m an early riser, getting up at 5:30 am was no big deal. I ate my toast with honey, drank my coffee (and took one for the road), got dressed and tip-toed out of the house at 6:40 am. I made it to High Park in just over an hour and again found a place to park and stay cozy in my van before warming up with Tarah Korir. It was so great to see her again, especially given my increased involvement with the Kenyan Kids Foundation that she and her husband, Wesley Korir founded. Not only do we share the same passion to help relieve poverty by helping with education, health and well-being but we are also moms that get to train, care for our children, and support our husbands that often get home late after busy work days. Tarah’s second baby is only 9 months old and she’s already back on the running scene. Impressive. We had a nice chat while warming up and trying to stay warm in the elite tent, before heading to the start line. Winds had decreased from 50 to 35 kph but with no sun, the near 0 C temp seemed really damp and cold. It felt like my coldest race yet this year out of four outdoors. Tarah wasn’t sure what to expect; being even colder than me, having just returned from Africa on Wednesday, and racing for the first time this year. I gave the beginning a good go, which was a bit too much for Tarah who decided to take it back a bit. With the hilly course and blustery weather, I pushed hard to get the job done while paying a bit for the first km at 3:09. Finish time was 27:43, which was nowhere near my 26:59 from last year with Kate Van Buskirk on my tail in better spring-like weather. But a win is a win, and my effort was again solid.
I completed an easy 26 km run in lovely weather Sunday morning then enjoyed the rest of the day with Jonathan and the kids at church and home. I’ll be sure to follow the same recovery routine as last week since I’ll be racing again, a week later. Next up is the Yonge Street 10 km. Should be a good one!
This week’s shout-out goes to twins and runners, Melanie Boultbee and
April Boultbee. Not only do they provide great care for us before and
after racing, they are busy,committed and very friendly women.  April was hobbling
around after knee surgery, carrying an IV antibiotic bag on her back due
to infection. And Melanie got up at 4:00 am to get her first run in
before heading to High Park. Thanks, girls!

Jonathan taking 8 y.o. Micah, 6 y.o. Seth and 3 y.o. Leah for a training run for their Ottawa Race Weekend 5 km. Micah was pretty excited to use my Garmin for pacing purposes, as you can see. We went as a family in 2010 and 2012 and  I look forward to our 2014 return. I’ll have some media/expo stuff to do in addition to again running the 10 km and commentating the marathon but with family and so much to do, Jonathan and the kids will stay busy. 
Resting more these days in order to recover from and prepare for racing means more time with this sweet girl. She insisted that we play, “chest”.
Action shot at the half-way point. Photo: April Boultbee.
Digging deep. Photo: Canada Running Series.
Always an honour to break the tape. Photo: Canada Running Series.

Top 5 men and women at Harry’s Spring Run-Off  8km. Photo: Robert Brouilette.
Post-race recovery. Last weekend I captured the mocha and peanut butter cookie picture. Here’s one with my Liberte yogurt and trip to Whole Foods. What a treat!

Love the great variety of foods here. Each time it’s something different and I am never disappointed.
Enjoying a lovely Sunday afternoon, watching the boys play some street hockey.

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