The Tough Get Tougher

I love winter. I really do. But boy oh boy, this has been a tough one.
I haven’t been able to take Leah in the Chariot stroller because it’s been too cold so I’ve been getting up at 4:40 am to run 20 km in -30 C temps twice per week. It has been rough. I can take the early mornings, running in the dark, and freezing temps but it’s the footing that has been difficult. It takes so long to get in the km’s with the snow and ice, and the body can only take so much poor-form running.  Fortunately I’ve only had one fall, which resulted in a bruise and gashed knee but my left hamstring and right shin and achilles have had enough. The plan was to attempt a 10,000 m on the track in California in the spring if my body could handle it. But we are now adjusting this plan, going back to what has worked in the past. No doubt, the speed and strength work should help me eventually but rushing through it with the hope to run a 31:high to 32:low in April or May is just too risky. When the body is giving you signals in the short term plan, you must remember the long term plan. At least we planned for a lower mileage winter anyway. And I’m so thankful for the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre treadmills, which I’ll now be using 4 times per week until the weather improves. I get more pool time and Leah gets more time with her childcare friends. We can always find the positive.
I’ve listed my planned races for 2014 (right side of blog). Not all are confirmed. Many are the same as other years, which is great as there are a lot of positives with familiarity. The new and perhaps most exciting one is the New York City Half Marathon. Not sure yet what condition I will be in but I do look forward to this new experience and hope that my tough training conditions will work to my advantage! Ultimately I will run the marathon at the Commonwealth Games in Scotland in July, should I be named to the team. It should then give me enough time to recover before making my attempt at an Olympic Games qualifier sometime in early 2015.
Again, enjoy the pictures that tell the rest. 

Every night before bed I get this stuff out.  
I don’t love it but know I must.
And so I do, often in my pyjamas …the exercises, stretches, rolling, ice/heat, etc. 
I’ve quite enjoyed writing regular columns for iRun magazine. In this most recent issue I wrote about goals and change, which was published around the time New Year’s resolutions fade. I used my core routine as an example. I started in November 2013 with a 5 second plank within a 10 minute routine. In February I was up to a 3:05 plank within a 25 minute routine.

Upon entering the track area at York University, the Petrolia LCCVI Lancer high school memories returned: naps on the floor between races, dry air, butterfly stomach, fun with friends, Melissa V. and Erin B., and great coaching by Murray Jackson. Oh the days when I thought a 3,000 m was a long race! My then St. Pat’s (Sarnia) rival and now friend and fellow dietitian from U of Guelph, Nadine Devin, allowed me to push hard in these long distances!

Whizzing by, getting the 20 yr old rust out since my last track race in highschool, when most of my competition were in diapers! It was like riding a bike again.Glad Leslie Sexton was there to lead the way and inform me that she was at least in kindergarten when I last raced on the track! It was fun to warm up with her, Karen, and their London crew.
My time was 9:41 for the 3,000 m. No idea what I ran in highschool so I guess it’s a PB!

I knew I saved these containers for a good reason. I used to use them for the kids’ small toys. Now they’re filled with chia, hemp and flax for my oatmeal. 

Thanks for the great burger recipe, Stacey. We loved them!

Loved the Olympic spirit at home and school. On those many cold, cold, early winter mornings, I told myself that the Sochi 2014 athletes also got out the door to train.
Seth’s class did and made several special activities/things – Olympic rings, Canadian flag, gold-wrapped cookie medal, and a torch. 

And Micah’s class did some Olympic activities as well – he seems to dream big like his mom! 

As I put things away, I couldn’t help but think it’ll be for me next time (;

Looking forward to continue working with, including the #HarvestHalf, Sept 12-13, 2014. I’ll be the speaker at the pasta dinner.

So glad I completed this 8 miler as a rust-buster. My time of 44:57 certainly wasn’t super fast but ok for a cold and very windy day where I ran 10 km of it alone.

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  1. Great seeing you last week. All the best for New York!

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