Like Fine Wine …

…I get better with age.
Today is January 9 and I am now 37 years young.
If…no, when I make it to Rio 2016, there is a good chance that I will be twice the age of some other athletes. Last year I trained on the track with Brantford’s elite triathlete, Ben Sayles. He was 18. I was 36.
I can just see myself on the flight to Brazil, sitting beside some talented athlete, young enough to be my own child. I do have one or two grey hairs now so will likely have a few more by then. Does it bother me? No, not at all! I could come up with a dozen or more athletes who have peaked in their late 30’s, early 40’s. And I certainly hope to be one of them. I’ve only gotten faster with age and I don’t intend to change that.
2013 was another successful year with personal bests in nearly every distance I raced – 5, 8, 10, 21.1, and 42.2 km. The only distance I didn’t PB was the 30 km because I was just returning from injury.
My highlights were: 1) Winning the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon in 70:52 and 2) Becoming Canada’s top two fastest marathoners, with Lanni at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (Lanni – 2:28:00, Krista – 2:28:32) with Silvia Reugger (2:28:36) at the finish.
For 2014, we have yet to confirm my spring racing plan but I will likely start with two local races in February, somewhere between 5 km and 8 miles. It will be 3.5 months from my last race but I’m an on or off kinda racer. I have a start and end point to my season and don’t race between. It will be good to get the rust out in February.
I’ve been struggling through some speedy workouts on the treadmill the last few weeks. Let me tell you… enjoying the turkey dinners and sweets certainly affected me but it was all worth it! In November and December, I accomplished exactly what I wanted: 1) maintain my fitness and complete all workouts and 2) gain some weight – muscle from increased strength work, and fat from a bit more indulging. I’m not saying I went crazy with my eating and gained a tonne but I thoroughly enjoyed the two months with no restrictions.
I believe it’s very important to have balance. And for me, this off-season plan where I press the reset button works and I love it.
On the weekend, Jonathan and I had a party to thank those who have been big supports in my running career. Having many of my closest family and friends all together in the same room, enjoying the socializing with good food and drink, made for an exceptional evening. My brother-in-law and sister (his sous chef) catered the evening and it was exquisite. We had smoked salmon, kiwi salsa, guacamole, pork sliders, chicken caesar wonton cups, korean meatballs (most popular) and asian beef skewers with various wines and fancy beers. We finished it off with a chocolate fondu with coffee and tea. I was hoping to get a picture of the entire group but the timing didn’t work. I am so fortunate to the have the support of everyone around me – family to help with the kids, friends to inspire me and run with, and the pros to make my body faster and keep it in one piece. There are so many to name but a huge thanks goes to Sherri and Paul at Essential Physio, Naomi and Cynthia at Therapeutic Massage Counsel, Sharon at Eload Sport Nutrition, Saucony, and Coach Rick and Josie Mannen. And of course, my number one – Jonathan. We are all looking forward to another great year.
Again, I’ll end with some pictures.

Honestly, George helped me spring out of bed in the cold and dark early hours over the Christmas break while everyone was still sleeping. He is at the gym, every day, at 5:30 am. I’m not sure when he leaves but have seen him there many times past 10:00 am. Thanks, George for helping me get to it! It’s great to see your smiling face and moving body – I know I can count on you!

Three sweet faces, CHRISTmas morning. Micah (7), Seth (5), Leah (2).

You bet, a butter tart selfie. It was absolutely amazing x 3 that day. Until next year! Thanks again, Aunt Andrea.

And lookie here….a half pound chocolate, peanut butter hockey puck from my niece for Christmas. Don’t worry, I’m pacing myself through this one.

Pink and green – my favourite colours (and two of my kids’). I’ve enjoyed getting out on the ice a bit more lately, teaching Leah to skate, and being with family. No broken ribs this year.

Thank you, Saucony. I ordered several new types of shoes to try. Spiffy colours, don’t you think!

We take pictures of the things we love. Here’s my breakfast oatmeal with berries, peanut butter, protein, hemp, chia seed, and flax.

Family and friends enjoying themselves at our “Evening out with Friends” party.

Huge thank you to The Black Peppercorn for the amazing food.

Everyone means so much to us.

And thank you to Jonathan for the lead!

Day after the party on a lazy Sunday afternoon, enjoying a nap … sitting as usual.
This Is My Africa. My altitude training. While Lanni trains in Kenya for six weeks, I’ll be toughing it out with hills, ice, wind, crazy cold temps and snow. And the treadmill.  It works for both of us! And soon enough we’ll be side by side, enjoying each other in competition again!

Another running mom is pregnant! Huge congratulations to Hilary and Trent Stellingwerff!

Kids enjoying their gifts from Rick and Josie.

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