From burpees and pushups to banquets and skating

November was a great month of resting and relaxing while slowly building some mileage and a tiny bit of intensity with the usual cross-training, core, strength work, and stretching. I’ve enjoyed the change-up in routine with things like burpees, pushups, planks, heavier weights, and circuit work. Takes me back to my hockey days at the University of Guelph. After a 2 hr practice on the ice we would often head over to the athletic centre to do weights and circuit work. I was about 15+ lbs heavier and could bench press my weight (135 lb). What a difference in body types between sports.
December and January will see a gradual build as I prepare to compete in my first race, sometime February. Coach Rick is finalizing the plan with the focus of 10k/10,000 m and half marathons in the spring and summer.
Again, the pictures tell the rest of what I’ve been up to. Forgive me for the hashtags. It’s just too easy.

Coach Rick and I did a presentation to some phys. ed. students at North Park Highschool in Brantford. It was a great way to say thanks for letting me use their track. Didn’t get a picture of us but captured this great shot of Brantford’s, Kevin Sullivan. If it was his 5th gold medal at OFSAA x country, I remember watching him win that day, after competing myself.

After dropping off the boys and getting in a Chariot stroller run, we rushed downstairs so I could ride the bike and do some other exercises while watching my 100 Huntley St. recording. Leah thought it was pretty neat to see her mommy on the screen!

5 main factors that make a great marathon: weather, training (volume & intensity while free of injury/illness), competition, pacer, and passion. Yep, that’s what Lanni and I had, Oct 20, 2013!

She is just loving this…as am I! It’s a lot of work to get them bundled up and into the van. It starts with just a few minutes but quickly grows to a great amount of confidence and independence. We’ve only been out three times and she’s already without the pusher.
Chocolate chip, whole wheat, pumpkin and banana muffins. Great for kids’ lunches and adults’ coffee breaks.
Must set the bar high. I was recently asked how I went from 3:28 to 2:28. My reply was “1 hr faster after: 11 years, 10 marathons and 3 kids #dreambig”. Write down your biggest goal and when you want to achieve it, then work backwards. A few years ago, I set a goal of running fast enough to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Games by doing some math, which included baby breaks and faster times in shorter distances. Almost there!

Getting out the door can be difficult with kids. I must say I am thrilled with our new system, which teaches our kids responsibility, respect, and independence. I’m no artist but I think you can figure it out!

Had a great time at the Grand Opening for the new Black Toe Running store with Olympians Eric Gillis, Sarah Wells, Matt Hughes, and Damian Warner.
Rejean (pacer at STWM 2012, 2013) is working at the Black Toe Running store. Great name, don’t you think!
Soon enough it will be Leah’s turn for swimming lessons and hockey.

Like many parents, after a while we give our smart phones to the kids at the arena when they get bored. They can keep themselves entertained with a lot of movie-filming and picture-taking.

Had a great day with Brittanie as she flew through chemo #6/8. That pneumonia only cost her a week so she should still be done before Christmas!!!

On the GoTrain for another Toronto event. Half hour drive to the train and 1 hr to Union. Napping, reading, emailing, coffee-drinking, and relaxing beats driving through Toronto any day!

No afternoon nap for this 2.5 yr old that day. I guess the winter air in the cozy Chariot running stroller  for 1.5 hr will do that to you.

Thank YOU, Alan Brooks, for everything you’ve done for runners and the GTA community. Outstanding.

So glad I could share a few words before helping with the awards at the Canada Running Series STWM Charity Awards night.

Lanni just returned from another Chiba Ekiden relay in Japan with Team Canada. She officially started her well-deserved break with some turkey while celebrating American Thanksgiving.

Just saw this the other day. Love the spirit! Thanks for sharing, Alyssa. Great support from the Canada Running Series. #CDNmarathoningparents
Great way to end the weekend with a family skate at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre, our second home. #nobrokenribsthisseason

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