Smelling the Roses

I think this is the first scheduled time off where I haven’t been pregnant or injured. And I am quite enjoying it. With my next marathon goal of making the standard for the 2016 Olympic Games, I must completely recover, relax, and rest from 2013 while slowly preparing for a busy 2014. What Lanni and I accomplished, Oct 20, 2013 was huge and I never want to look back with regret that I did not take the time to enjoy such an amazing accomplishment.
Since my 2:28:32 at the STWM I’ve been enjoying a variety of physical activities: walking, swimming, pool running, various cardio-type machines, biking, weights, core, stretching and some running. I’ve been doing anywhere from 30 to 90 or so minutes per day with no set routine or schedule. I want to enjoy the activity, listen to my body, and maintain some fitness but stay away from the numbers and intensity. Additionally, I’ve been much more easy-going about various other things that are more controlled when training and racing: diet, bedtime, daily routine, etc. Everyone is different with their recovery. Some athletes jump back into training and racing after a short break but I’m the type that likes to set the reset button. My season ends. I start over. So, November will continue to be easy, December will include a few workouts, and January will include my first race. Taking “off” the months of November and December will also allow me to get a few things crossed off my to-do list. Enjoy the pictures and captions, which tell the rest.

Big decisions! Glad to pass along the baby clothes and aim for Rio 2016 but also a bit emotional that this chapter has ended ):

Enjoying more and more, the precious moments with our kids…who are growing so quickly!

Great friendships. Way to go with the new half marathon PB, Frank! Glad I could be there to cheer for you at the Road2Hope!

I’m enjoying a few more treats in my diet but had to draw the line when I saw this (at Staples of all places?). I love hockey and peanut butter with chocolate but this puck was over the top at 1,000+ calories!

More to say about these two later but they are on to something good. It’s been great to be at the gym, seeing friends and enjoying other fitness activities at an easier pace. These two taught me how to row….much more practise needed on my part! And Leah has loved being back with Maureen and Jeanetta again (she pretty much asked daily to go since the day after my marathon)!

We’ve been doing more in the kitchen with my “free time”. Aunt Joyce’s granola is so gooood! We’ve also enjoyed trips to the library, lego-ship building, leaf raking, sorting and organizing jobs, and the usual hockey and swimming routines.

Moses will likely be joining me on a few more easy runs.

Reward to the Brown Dog in Paris for implementing the new system at home. No more reminders to brush teeth, load dishes, pack backpacks, etc. ! Team DuChene wins again! And all it took was a few words and pictures on a paper taped to the door with an end to the reminders from mom and dad.

Saying yes to a few more community events such as the OCAA cross country banquet in Hamilton. The three of us are Petrolia LCCVI grads! I was also asked to say a few words at a very well attended community event in Brantford for the Kiwanis Field, which will include an 8 lane rubberized track. Quite exciting!

Celebrating Jonathan’s successful sales year at Vantage Endoscopy, Movember-style. Congratulation for winning a trip to Jamaica! Hey, I’ll get some warm weather training in the winter after all!

Poppies to honour those who fought for us, a latte and a brownie. Blessed.

Another to-do item complete: dentist appointments. Micah had no problem getting a dangling tooth pulled as long as he got the same amount of $ from the “tooth ferry”.

Thanks for your continued thoughts and prayers for Britanie. I was to take her for round 6/8 chemo but she has pneumonia. Update here.

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