I will be ready

Getting ready to speak at the school Jump Rope for Heart event.

Great friends. Wonderful runs. Clayton and James are returning from injury so couldn’t join me for the entire 38 km but having them with me in the middle made the time fly.

At the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre. Micah’s 99’ers game one day. Leading the VIP’s around the track at the Grand Opening the next day.

So glad for the Liberte truck. Don’t think I could have managed giving samples to the thousands at the Grand Opening! Watch the video here.

99 everywhere!

Leading the walk with the MP, MPP, etc

Wade was an Olympic torch runner a few years ago when Kevin Sullivan ran it into Brantford (Walter ran his part in Vancouver).

Thanks for your support, Wayne Gretzky!

This past week was likely one of the most physically difficult ones this build. Recovering from the Zoo run and solo 35 km run the next day, doing 1 km track repeats, completing my most difficult tempo ever, and getting in 165 km (long run 38 km) made for a challenging week. My body is battling a few nagging issues but I’m confident I will recover well, especially with my day off today (first one in weeks) and upcoming taper.
Not only was the week physically challenging, but busy with the usual activities with the kids, church, work, and the house, and two community events. On Friday I spoke to the kids at school about the importance of healthy eating and physical activity at their Jump Rope for Heart event. And on Sunday afternoon, I walked the VIP’s around the new track at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre Grand Opening. And on top of that, this is the time of year for contract/application/renewal work for the college, carding, and some sponsors. Busy but blessed.
20 days to Oct 20! STWM 2013 I will be ready.


  1. What saucony racing flats do you race in for 21km and marathons ? Thanks.

  2. I have used both A5 and Fastwitch to race all distances from 5 km to marathon. Keep running!

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