Holding Strong

Another successful week of training in the books and 4 weeks to go until STWM!
I got in 165 km (and the usual pool and bike cross-training), which included a silver medal at the Zoo Run/Cdn 10 km Championships in Toronto with no taper.  It’s a tough, twisty course that I’ve only done once before but I felt much better this year than last when I was ready to get into my taper for STWM right away (and I had that nasty blister that wasn’t healing). Completing my 35 km long run this morning, after 22 km the day before (warm up, race, cool down) was exactly how it should have felt – not zippy but strong and steady. I’m ready for another hard week! Gotta really take care of myself now though as this is when my body is pushing its final limits with immunity low and susceptibility to injury high. Sleep, nutrition, hydration, phsyio, massage, and rest are high priority now.
For those of you interested in my friend, Britanie…we enjoyed a great afternoon together last week, eating Williams’ wild pacific salmon rice boxes (LOVE them), shopping at Costco, and drinking Starbucks together. She just had round 2/8 of chemo and is holding strong.

What a team! Coach Rick with athletes, Ben Sayles and Krista DuChene. I am twice Ben’s age (!!) but we make for a great pair on the track. Congratulations on your silver world medal (age group triathlon championships in London, England) and best wishes as you too attend school at the U of G. Go, Gryphons!

Busy start to the weekend with picture day at school. Love the stair steps.
Thanks, Auntie Chantale and Uncle Kevin for watching Leah and Seth for us. They quite enjoyed their sleepover. Seth had three favourite things about your new place: 1. movie watching, 2. Auntie’s brownies and 3. the hot tub.

Enjoyed the press conference with Rob, Eric and Natasha for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Glad Leah could come along! Thanks for another great weekend, Alan Brooks and CRS crew! Canadian Running Magazine photo.

Proud of the two Megan’s who completed their first post-baby races this weekend. Megan Metcalf-Wright did the Zoo Run 10 km Cdn Road champs. And in this picture is my friend, Megan Gecas after winning her age category at the Brant Waterways 5 km.

My friend Dean, after setting a personal best (since 1995) at age 70. Way to go in the 10 km! See you back at the gym this week. Keep inspiring!

Typical racing picture…Lanni, Krista. Krista, Lanni. When we stand next to each other in our matching Saucony/Eload gear, people ask who is who! Great job in the race, Lanni. You really wanted it and dug deep for a well-deserved win! Canadian Running Magazine story (here). Canada Running Series photo.

LOVE this meal. Easy take-out better than the other common fast-food options.
Distributed Liberte samples at the Brant Waterways 5 & 10 km races. A hit!

Great end to a fun & busy weekend, apple-picking with the fam.


  1. Thanks for the encouragement Krista! I had such a great time and loved catching up with you. I'm going to be glued to the STWM results feed. Go team Duchene!

  2. Your daily hard workouts at the gym always inspire me to carry on doing what I can. Meanwhile, it's hard for me to believe my 10 k result at the last race.

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