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2.5 yr old Leah continues to be happy wherever we go, whether it be the gym for training, the rink for hockey, the grocery store, or just staying home! She just loves reading books and following my every move. It’s all about wearing pink and running shoes lately! Big girl is out of her crib and diapers.

Took 5.5 y.o. Seth for a sundae at Menchies. Wow, what a place! It’s like a candy store with a bit of frozen yogurt on the side! I’ll have to make a stop there after STWM!

Team Cylka cheering on 7.5 y.o. Micah in the gold medal game.
My dear friend, Britanie, has started her chemotherapy treatments. She said she thought of me, toughing it out on a run, to get her through a bout of post-treatment nausea and vomiting. What a girl. Of course, I think of her to push me even further. Here she is with her son, a great friend of our boys’. Can’t wait to spend the afternoon with her tomorrow.
Delivering a short message at the Walk of Hope. Know your body and listen to it!

Training continues to go well for STWM. Only 5 weeks to go!
Like I wrote last week, I’m spending way less emotional energy on this race. As you can tell from the pictures, the kids are keeping us pleasantly busy and we are so blessed to have them. Four runs this week (average 22 km) started at 5:15 am to make our family schedule work (our 7 y.o. had a hockey tournament in Toronto, etc.) but I didn’t mind. I love the juggling act and am a morning person anyway. Just a little odd when Jonathan kisses the kids, and me, good night at the same time! And of course, the skunks and raccoons always make the run exciting.
My workouts remain steady and consistent with no surprises. Just what you want and again, what I had pre-Worlds. This past week included 20 x 300 m’s, a tempo, and a 40 km treadmill long run. Yes, you read correctly. Couldn’t do the long run Saturday and needed childcare so relied on the belt to get it done. Great way to get the fluids/carbs perfected, thanks Trent! Because last week’s run was more of a progressive one, coach wanted me to hold steady with a pick up in the end. So, I held an even pace for 2 hr then picked it up for the last 39 minutes. Loved every minute of it! Logged 170 km for the week.
This coming week will be another big one with high mileage and intensity, including the Zoo Run/National 10 km Road Championships. Story here. Like last year, I’ll train through and use it to keep me sharp. No big expectations.

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