An absolutely wonderful 10 days

Tomorrow ends our 10 day European Vacation. It was amazing. Grand. Wonderful. The best.
Our travels in Russia, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy were absolutely great. The culture, food, scenes, pace, travel, walking, shopping, relaxation, and 10 days with my husband to celebrate 12 amazing years of marriage was absolutely epic. Epic seems to be the word to use these days so yes, it was epic! A big thanks goes to Jonathan’s parents for watching the kids. I last saw them Aug 2 so I hope they remember me!
I’ve recovered from my attempt at the marathon. Thanks for sharing your experience, Lanni .
I’ve chatted with Jonathan and Rick about what is next. After 10 days with a lot of amazing food and as much cobble stone walking, I’m ready to lace up the running shoes again (;

Our last evening together in Europe.
Delicious food in Rome, Italy.

Love in Paris, France.

Breath-taking sites in Bern, Switzerland.

Breakfast in Munich, Germany.

Fashion in Vienna, Austria.
Amazing buildings in Moscow, Russia.

Cobblestone in Prague, Czech Republic.


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