Not in the plan

It’s late and I’m tired with a 6:30 am shuttle to the airport tomorrow but wanted to write about today.
Everything leading up to the race was perfect. Text book. But as marathoners we know we can have that amazing build and that terrible race. Long story short…I collapsed while reaching for my eload bottle at an aid station and DNF’d…with 23 other women. Racing at 2:00 pm in August is quite ridiculous. Temp was about mid 30’s with the humidity. Apparently the start time had to do with tv and a very large sum of money. Hopefully a lesson has been learned. Spectators were guzzling water and looking for shade, ambulances (me included) were whizzing by like crazy, and women were walking and cramping (way to go, Lanni and Mary).
Again, great support from the team. Poor DST had a tough time communicating with the Russians medical folks. I ended up in 3 or 4 ambulances! After much vomiting, sharing some crazy stories about marathoning vs childbirth (?), some tears, and being told nearly half the field dropped, I felt better. I watched the finish and kept fluids down then actually jogged 6 km back to the hotel to meet  Rick and Jonathan. A massage, shower and food has me feeling pretty good in my bed right now. God is good, all the time. Tomorrow starts our vacation on our 12 th anniversary. The break will be good. Then we will see what is next.


  1. (Krista) – We are so proud of you and all that you've accomplished. Rest up and enjoy your well deserved vacation.

  2. You are so inspiring, Krista. God IS always good (I really needed to read that.) Enjoy your vaca!

  3. God is good! Hugs! Have a great trip with Jonathan

  4. Sorry to hear this. You are an inspiration to so many, keep the head up.

  5. Krista. My heart went out to u girls. When will they learn! I am sure fans of the sport would agree we would rather watch the marathon at any hour, and watch a good competative race, in conditions fair to the athletes for such a challanging distance. I know how you felt based on my Europeon champs marathon in Barcelona in midday heat and in Delhi in Commonwealths, both events 50% of feild fell before finish line! You are so brave, and the experience will make you stronger! Thank God for your recovery and it not being worse, and that you survived. Sending you love and wishing a wonderful vacation. Helen Davies (nee Decker – Toronto Marathon 2008/9) xx

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