10. 11. 12.

10. 11. 12.

Like I said before, I am a numbers person and the numbers ten, eleven, and twelve have been in my mind the last few weeks.

10 August. My 10th marathon, first marathon was 11 years ago.
11 August. Our 12th anniversary and start of our 10 day European vacation (first kid-free week away since our honeymoon, departing to Prague on flight #2012 at 1125).
12. My Guelph Gryphon hockey jersey number. 
And now…
211 My IAAF World Championships Women’s Marathon number!
Not sure what this might mean in terms of my marathon time or placing!? Anyway…
We’ve settled quite nicely since arriving, Wednesday…
Staying at the Crowne Plaza, World Trade Centre in Moscow while at the IAAF World Championships with Team Canada for the Marathon has been great. The wide variety of food is healthy, the rooms are quiet and comfortable for resting (thanks, Mr. Rob Guy for switching rooms w Lanni and I so we didn’t have to sleep on a cot) and the atmosphere in the common areas with hundreds of other athletes is pretty neat. 
We finally got our luggage Thursday in the early evening, thanks to the persistence of Mr. Scott McDonald, Mr. Peter Eriksson, Mr. Guy and many other team leaders. Seems that in Russia you are given an answer with the expectation that there is no conversation. But after being told a second time that the luggage would arrive,”this evening” our leaders got to the bottom of it. Half of the team were sure glad to see the 30 + suitcases in the lobby after dinner!
Earlier Thursday we met up with NZ marathoner and friend, Mary Davies at the pool and then had lunch together. It was great to see her, and I can’t wait to be with her on the start line! She and I have a great connection.
The highlight of Thursday was when Coach Rick and Jonathan came to our hotel to meet with Athletics Canada’s DST and Trent, and I. I was glad to see that they arrived safely, review the course, and confirm the race plan. 
Later Lanni and I headed to doping control to give our blood, which was a very well-organized procedure. A lot of work but necessary for a clean sport.
Thursday and Friday for Lanni and I is quite low key; lots of carbs and fluids, and 8 km (Thurs) and 5 km (Fri) of easy running w a few pick ups. We pretty much stayed put all day in the hotel. 
We had a team meeting and picture Friday at 2:00 pm, got our bottles set with Eload (expecting 30 deg C!), hydrated, snacked, ate, and rested. For this marathon , we have our own tables w our own team personally handing us our bottles. Trent has been phenomenal for the team. He knows numbers and studies like the back of his hand. From ideal female marathon BMI to optimal # g carb/h, he’s got it! He’s sent me a few documents that I look forward to reading once I return to my RD office, after racing and vacation of course. 
I am sooo glad the marathon is day one of competition!
I am ready. Really, ready.
Let’s get this race going!
Internet limited. May not be able to post.

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  1. Good luck Krista! Your journey has been pretty inspiring, especially from a Mom perspective. Good luck! Canada (and America) are cheering! – meggan

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