Germany to Moscow

After Jonathan, Micah, Seth and Leah dropped me off at the airport, I was on my way! From Toronto, I  flew solo to Dusseldorf, Germany for a training camp with the other Canadian Athletes in Kamen, Germany. Other than a bit of a mix up with the train (just into my 1.5 hr train ride from Dusseldorf to Kamen it stopped so I had to re-board elsewhere), travel was rather uneventful, which was great. In total it was 11 hrs. 

I didn’t sleep much on the 8 hr flight but rested, stayed hydrated, watched a movie, read, and moved my body regularly. By the time I was on the train, I slept!

After arriving at the Kamen Sports Centre, I met a few from the team, got settled into my lovely, private room and went right to bed until lunch. I napped again then went for my first run with Lanni, Trent, Coach Dave Scott-Thomas (DST), and Anthony. After dinner I was in bed at 8:00 and had a great sleep. 
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday was filled with relaxation, tapered running with some short tempo sessions, napping, rookie night, meetings, treatments, and great meals with the team, including a delicious BBQ. Coach DST and Trent were out on the track as Lanni and I had our last sharpening run. Felt great!
Wednesday is set to be a long travel day from Kamen to Dusseldorf to Moscow. Getting out of the airport, driving to the hotel, and accreditation, with each athlete giving a blood sample, will make for a long day so we will take the day off from running.
Update…today’s travel day is proving to be very long and complicated. So far, 5 Canadians missed their flight due to Visa problems …now half of us (me included) don’t have our checked luggage (supposed to arrive tonight). Three hours and five forms later, we wait for our two hour bus ride to the hotel through Moscow rush hour. We will get there. All good!
Will try to add pictures later.

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