Crossing t’s and Dotting i’s

Most runners like numbers. I like numbers. So, here are mine for this marathon build:
Total program weeks: 17
Training weeks: 11
Racing w/ taper weeks: 3  
Marathon taper weeks: 3
Races: 6 (Mar-30 k, Apr-8 k, Apr-Half, May-10 k, June-Half, July-5 k)
Personal Bests, 4: 8 k (26:59 HSROT), 10 k (32:52 Ottawa), Half (70:52 SVHM*), 5 k (15:58 Dash) 
Average mileage for 11 training weeks: 158 km (150, 150, 145, 150, 160, 171, 170, 160, 165, 170, 145)
Average distance for 11 long runs: 38.5 (35, 35, 40, 39, 40, 36.5, 40, 36, 40.4, 44, 38)
Weight: 116 lb
Resting heart rate: 35 BPM
* not certified course

We are three weeks from the big day and the bulk of the work is done.
I am so grateful for the help of my team, so many to name.
I know I am in the shape of my life.
Since returning from injury in January (after 2 months of no running), Rick and I were fairly conservative with my training and racing. We set decent goals and aimed for quality mileage. Each and every week has been better than the one before. I know I am set to peak for the marathon and can’t wait to give all this extra energy, August 10. Yes, extra energy.
I took a lot of pictures this week to capture my thoughts and feelings as I enter the taper phase.
I’ve crossed a lot of t’s and dotted a lot of i’s. And it’s been worth it, every time.
It’s going to be good. Great.

Off to the treadmill and pool at 5:26 a.m.

Preventative icing for a few minor niggles. Other than this, and a tiny sore spot on my wrist from my watch (if I have to think of something), I have absolutely no complaints. Weekly physio and massage are definitely the reason for this. Proactive, not reactive.

Daily afternoon naps.

Bed time 9:04 pm. Now that it’s summer, the kids and I often go to bed at the same time!

Motivation. Dean is 70 and a great motivation for me. He loves nature, photography, healthy eating and ran the 30 km Bay race this year!

Mike is another great friend from the Gretzky Centre. A few years ago, I was pushing it on the treadmill and he offered to fill my Eload bottles. I gladly accepted and we’ve been great supports since. We’ve encouraged each other through injuries and really enjoy being side by side on the treadmills. Can you see speedy Dean in the background?

It’s all about recovery. Saucony recovery gear, Emend and napping. We get it done.

I’ll take this 2:27 … or better!

Cross training in the pool (bike and elliptical) has been key.

Team DuChene getting ready to go to a race.

Love ’em.


Coach Rick. Superb.

The Chariot – couldn’t live without it for training and racing.

Micah, age 7. First 5 km in 30:17, chip time. First in age 2-10 y.o. group.

Stir-fry with kale, onion, eggs, tuna, chick peas and chili sauce. Yes, I do love this kind of food. Don’t knock it until you try it! Thanks, Stacey!

Kicking it in the end to make it under 16 minutes for a speed work 5 km race in HOT high 30’s. Done! 15:58 and first overall (male and female).

Congrats on the retirement, Josie! 37 years at City Hall. Wow! Talk about commitment. Thanks for all your support with Rick as coach. Can’t wait for the 4 of us to celebrate in Italy!

Recovery after my last and 11th long run, 38 km. Always best with coffee and smiling faces. 

A bit of reading before our Europe trip.

Great friendship. Britanie has been through so much lately. She had a masectomy this week and has a long road ahead of her. We are such great friends. You bet I will be thinking of her during the marathon.  When I think it’s getting tough, I will press on as it will be nothing compared to her surgeries, chemo, and radiation.

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