Trial Run a Hit!

Another great week of training! We’re really moving along now!
Recovery after my Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon personal best was great. Cynthia did an amazing job of working things out with massage. Wow, she finds areas I’m not even aware are sore. And it’s been great to work with Paul for physio. The benefits of weekly massage and physio have been amazing!
Training this week was rather uneventful, which is exactly what we want. Getting the solid work done without any issues is ideal. After tomorrow’s 16 km, I will have logged 165 km for the week.
This morning we did a trial worlds run with 5×8 km loops. Today’s route was hilly, which is unlike the race route apparently, but a good opportunity to work through some tough areas.  I was very conscious to eat, drink, rest and sleep well yesterday so as to have a good run today. And it worked! Rick was alongside on his bike, giving splits and handing me my Eload. Darren, James and Clayton also were running the route, which was a great support. I must say that I didn’t know how I would feel about running multiple loops. I am an out n’ back kinda girl. I know the marathon route for the 2012 Olympic Games was made up of loops and several turns. Ideal for spectators but not athletes! Fortunately we will only have four loops. We will start and finish in the stadium, which is very exciting! This morning’s run was great. I focused on one loop at a time and didn’t wear my Garmin (because it wouldn’t work). The plan was an easy first loop, three hard ones at 3:45/km, and one easy one again for a total of 40km. We did the first loop in about 35 minutes then I ended up running 29:51, 29:32, and 29:09. The best part was the last loop where I just relaxed to finish strong, expecting to be around 35 minutes. Rick didn’t say anything because I was in the zone so it was a pleasant surprise to know it was 29:32. So I averaged about 3:41/km. I really felt like a race, mentally and physically. I didn’t stop at all during the last 4 loops and took in 6 cups of Eload and 4 gels. I think I will need at least 8 cups Eload since I ran out with about 3 km to go. As soon as I finished I drank 6 cups Emend and stretched, feeling great! What an amazing run!
Rick sent me my plan right up until Aug 10th. I love looking ahead and planning to make it work with everything else in our life.

My between meal smoothie – kale, frozen blueberries, milk, greek yogurt, protein powder, and nut butter.
Threw this salad together the other day for two Canada Day bbq’s. People loved the colour, beans and cilantro.

Spiffy racing flats just arrived! Thanks, Saucony!

Great use of the coffee tray. Eload, Emend and gels ready for the 40 km run.

We got it done! Great training run. Sorry we missed you at the end, James.

Hardest long training run. Done!

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