Plugging Along

Training continues to include weekly tempo runs on the treadmill. I get some solid runs on this machine!

Love having this bike in the basement. Even a good 10-20 minutes after running helps strengthen the legs, particularly the quads and hamstrings.

Track n Field day …
reminds me of my childhood.

Two sweet girls helping with the Kenyan Kids Foundation yard sale. Hope to see them hand in hand in Kenya some day!

Stretching in the new gym at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre.
Recovery from my personal best time of 72:27 at the CDN Half Marathon Champs in Montreal went well, other than a compressed nerve on the back of one leg due to sitting for too long on the way home. No biggie since it didn’t affect training. I logged a solid 150 km , which included a 35 km long run with James and Clayton in marvelous weather. I’ve been doing my track intervals with Ben Sayles, which has been great too since I’ve done speed on my own for so long. We can really push each other along. Crazy that I am twice his age! Not too much else to report, which is great. Uneventful training is the best; you want to get the work in with no problems. Physio with Sherri and massage with Cynthia is keeping me well-tuned. 
The next few weekends will be busy with a hockey tournament and wedding but Team DuChene will rise to the challenge to work together and get the jobs done.

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  1. Hello Krista,

    I really like your blogs and activism as an athlete. I would like to ask you for your contact details so that I can share with you details of a charity event being hosted by Sunnybrook foundation "rbcrunforthekids" about Youth's mental health.

    Irfan Siddiqui – Sunnybrook foundation

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