4.15.13 Boston. Runners United to Remember.

I’ve quite enjoyed Boston Marathon Monday the past few years. Many times I’ve watched and become inspired, seeing the leaders dig deep, while completing my own treadmill tempo workout at the same time. The women usually finish around noon and that’s when I have to get my kid (s) from the childcare so I too am pushing to get the job done. In 2005 I completed my own Boston Marathon in 3:00:46 – it was an amazing experience in so many ways.
I didn’t get to watch Boston this year because the new gym has the treadmills facing the windows, which is great and there aren’t yet any tvs or wifi. But, Coach Rick (on his 35th wedding anniversary!!) was texting me updates. 
After lunch, an ice bath and my quiet time of a nap and devotions, I returned to the internet to check results and read the post-race reports. It was Wesley Korir’s Facebook status that said he and his family were in lock-down at the hotel due to two explosions. Like many, he said he was safe and praying.
Unfortunately not everyone was safe. I went to the tv and sure enough, it was a terrible scene.
Shortly after I had to get the kids from school. When I returned home, so did the tears as more details were revealed. I’ve never believed in hiding my feelings or the truth from my kids so I explained what was happening.
And like many, it hit me hard. My spouse, two boys and a girl have watched me finish numerous races like the Richard family who lost their dear 8 yr old boy. And I’ve worked hard to complete difficult marathons like the thousands of runners there. I was flooded with emotion. All I could say to the kids was that Heaven won’t have anything terrible like this. And like many, I too wondered about our world.
Just last week I was interviewed by Ben Kaplan for a Canadian Running Magazine article on running and faith. I explained that my faith is honest, real and true. It’s not about being religious or about a quick prayer at the start, “Oh God, please let me win”. Our kids attend a Christian school, not to memorize scripture or be good people but to know and love God, understanding that they were created for a reason, His reason. So I started searching for those familiar verses that comfort us in troubling times. From this site, I found this:

“Some of us struggle with the problem of evil
in the world. We do not understand how an all-powerful God, who is
love, can allow such evil in the world. God’s long-term plan of
salvation takes this into account. There is a real devil who is out to
destroy all humanity, and he uses human instruments to perpetrate death
and destruction. Satan the Devil is out to thwart God’s plan. But he has
failed—and will yet utterly fail. We read in Revelation 20 that Satan
will be cast into the great abyss at the beginning of the millennium,
when Jesus Christ returns to establish the Kingdom of God on earth
(Revelation 20:1-3).” ….and “We need to ask: “What is life all about? Why am I living? What is the ultimate destiny of mankind?”.
God allows us to make choices and sadly, there are many who make evil, terrible choices. Proverbs 21:15 says, “Justice is a joy to the godly, but it terrifies evildoers.”  Fortunately this  life on earth is temporary.
Many may cringe at this posting but hey, it’s my blog and I want to be real about myself, my life, my faith.
Similar to other runners, it’s been difficult to transition from talking about the devastating Boston events to our daily running routines. But it’s been clear that the running community has become louder and stronger than ever before. The heart and passion seen in small, local running groups to the messages posted on nearly every major marathon site, is phenomenal.
 4.15.13 Boston. Runners United to Remember.

There are again many big races this weekend – from track events to the Toronto Yonge St 10 km, Vancouver Sun Run 10 km, and the London Marathon, it’s a big one. Next weekend will be my next big race of the season. Running a strong 150 km this week with a track workout, tempo run, long run, two Chariot stroller runs, and not racing may give my legs a little extra bounce next weekend at the Banque Scotia 21k de Montréal.
I’m certainly hoping for another personal best and think I am in decent shape for it.  

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