Another solid week of training complete. Nothing overly exciting to report but these are the weeks that really make you strong. The day in and day out with consistency in routine certainly builds a solid foundation.
With a day off, I was able to log 140 km in 6 runs, which included a 35 km long run, one track workout and one treadmill workout. This was my heaviest week so far and I couldn’t feel better. Because I don’t do doubles and due to the pool/childcare hours, many of my workouts are completed after 2 hours of cross training and warming up. It’s not ideal to get the fastest track times or to feel fresh but it works for me. One workout this week was after a 12 km warm up and 1 hr in the pool! Hey, we all know that the majority of the work is at the end of the marathon, right?! Time in the pool, on the bike and elliptical has decreased as a result of the increased running and my body is adapting very well. I continue to see Sherri  weekly, at Essential Physiotherapy & Wellness, and am now seeing Cynthia weekly, at Therapeutic Massage Counsel. They are both consistent in their observations so the complimentary care between them is great. It’s a really good balance.
We are between hockey seasons and I had a sick kid this week so life was a bit slower, which was nice for recovery. But spring hockey will start, track will continue, taxes need to be completed, my husband will travel for work, and the request for speaking engagements and interviewing is on the rise. So, I continue to prioritize and pace myself to keep the juggling act steady.
This week will see another increase in volume and intensity in training, which will be great preparation for my upcoming race in two weeks, the Banque Scotia de Montreal/Canadian Half Marathon Championships, April 28th.
April is an exciting month for Canadian road racers with Boston, Brighton, Rotterdam, Harry’s Spring Run Off, Vancouver Sun Run, Montreal Half, London, Toronto Yonge St, etc. Exciting!

April 2012. Leah just finished nursing, two weeks before I left to run the Rotterdam Marathon.

April 2013. One year ago today, I ran the Rotterdam Marathon. Leah has certainly grown.

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