Lion to Lamb

You know what they say about March, ” in like a lion and out like a lamb”. Well, it’s been that way for me!

I am sitting at a fairly quiet arena watching Micah’s 1.5 hr tyke select practice. I’m definitely an extravert but don’t mind some alone time once in a while either.
March has again been marvellous; celebrating three birthdays, having a great “training run” at the Bay, welcoming the spring weather with lots of outdoor street hockey, and celebrating Christ at Easter sure makes a great month.
So after the Bay, I felt great and was back to training in no time. Then on Wednesday, I struggled through a 12 km tempo run. I still had a bit of a cold and told Rick it was my toughest workout this season, feeling even harder than the Bay run! He said we would chat later. In the meantime, my body was saying it needed a complete day off so I texted Rick this message. He didn’t get the message before we spoke but like many times before, we were again on the same page since the first thing he said was that he thought I needed a day off! So I enjoyed the extra sleep in the morning, and taking it easy with Leah, volunteering at the school and getting ready for Easter weekend/Seth’s 5th birthday, lunch mom duty, physio, and Micah’s hockey and Seth’s track practices. The next day I was good to go again, meeting Rick at the track for 8×800 m’s. I biked and ran my warm up for about an hour before then was able to average 2:39 per 800m. Not super speedy yet but solid and consistent with each repeat faster than the one before. It felt great to put on the flats, strip off a few layers and see what the legs and lungs could handle. In total for the week I logged 115 km with 13 hrs total “cardio”…feeling GREAT. This week of training will be a bit different with Easter/school changes in routine but I welcome the challenge in getting it all in. I really look forward to my first real race of the season, Harry’s Spring Run Off 8 km. I won’t be tapering so it will be a good test of fitness.
More good news is that I have another new partnership … with Liberte! The balance of being a mom, dietitian and marathoner sure helps! Greek yogurt is a staple in my diet so I am thrilled to consume and promote their products.

Taking a break from street hockey to shoot a few hoops. Loving the spring weather!

Helping little sister ride her tricycle.

Plain Organic Greek Yogurt 0%
Going to see a lot more of this in my fridge!
A day before his 5th birthday, Seth enjoyed his first track practice – although he said he wanted to race and didn’t get to!

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