Springing Along

Another great week in the books and I am very pleased.
I can’t get over how much stronger I feel in this come-back from injury, particularly my core. When you get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan, which includes full recovery it makes all the difference. I feel so much more power coming from my hips and core. I’m excited to think about how the speed will start to come once coach and I get out on the track. The timing is perfect for this time of year since I’ll be ready to do weekly track workouts with the better weather.
Last week I logged 80 km of running. About 2/3 was on the treadmill at 4:05/km. I use this site to determine my true pace. I got in a 14 km Chariot run with Leah, which included some hills so that the the Bay race isn’t such a shocker, and 13/23 km of my long run was outside. I quite like the treadmill but there is nothing like fresh air and the beautiful scenery outdoors, particularly along the trails. With the running, I also got in my usual pool running, swimming, biking, and elliptical to total 15 hr of cardio for the week. Last season we thought we’d likely increase my mileage to a weekly 170 km but we’re going to stick to high quality 150-170 km/week since I’m coming back from injury and maintaining such a great cross training routine. I also considered doing the double thing but splitting my work-outs is only ideal on the weekends. Our oldest son is only 7 but taking it to the next level in hockey, which can include 4 weekly sessions that are usually scheduled between 5-7pm. Already he has the possibility of 3 different hockey groups for this spring/summer! Our almost 5 yr old is expressing interest in triathlons (!!) so my husband and I are trying to wrap our heads around scheduling with his work, my training and racing/appointments/work and a 2 yr old! Moving to a new phase of parenting is both fun and somewhat complicated!
Last week also included two group talks. One was to a group of moms at the Brantford Pregnancy Resource Centre and one was to the Longboats running group in Toronto. I quite enjoyed both but know I’ll have to pace myself once training gets more intense in May. I also attended a luncheon to kick-off promotion of the Brantford Rotary Classic race. It’s a great family event that draws young and old, recreational and elite athletes to the 5 k and 10 k start line.
Jonathan and I are starting to plan our trip to Russia. He and Rick will likely travel together. Jonathan and I look forward to traveling through Europe, starting the day after my race, which is also our 12th year anniversary. The kids will be finished hockey and swimming lessons so it’ll be a nice break for them while they spend a few weeks at Grandma and Grandpa’s while we are away.
We are currently in the middle of March break and it’s going pretty well so far. We spent a few days at my aunt and uncle’s, which was great because my sister and kids were there and I had a scheduled day off. It’s funny that I feel tired and out of sorts with a day off but it’s great because even though I only take about 2 days off/month, it feels like a week each time so I know I am recovering well. This a.m. I started at the gym at 5:30 and was able to get in 3 hrs work before being home for my husband to go to work. I hope to do the same routine, Thurs and Fri since it worked so well. Tomorrow will include 16x400m repeats at 6:00 am on the treadmill! Certainly not normal for some but it works for me. I am a morning person, that is for sure!
Although the Bay will be a training run, I look forward to racing again. After that we’ll test my speed at Harry’s Spring Run Off 8 km. I won’t be tapering for these races so they’ll be good fitness tests.
As for the diet, all is well. Avoiding any sort of refined grain is so far very easy and I do notice the lack of feeling bloated after eating. Also, I’m loving beets, squash, quinoa, brown rice and sweet potato in its place. Still can’t get over the increased flavour of food! Even the tofu I’m eating now tastes good?!
In other news, I look forward to seeing how other runners do at the upcoming spring races such as the New York City half, Rotterdam, Boston, Around the Bay, etc. Even though I’m not up to competing at these levels yet, it’s a great motivation that allows me to remain patient as I progress over the next 5 months. 
Additionally, in the news was Wesley Korir’s MP victory in Kenya. I am so thrilled for Wesley and Tarah. I’ve been reading Jeremiah and Ezekiel recently and noted this, “The resources God gives us should be used to do his work and carry out his will, but too often we use them to satisfy our own desires”. God is using the Korir family to do big things! Wesley will return to run Boston as 2012 champ. Go, Wesley!

Seth and mom at the Longboats talk.
Leah and mom on a Chariot run.

Kids love the new Saucony gear!
Leah and Seth ice skating.

Girls’ shoes and skates.

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