Pain will not Prevail

When you experience intense pain, you remember. And when you think about those times, you know how they compare to each other. After fracturing my two ribs, I now have a new personal pain ranking!
1. Childbirth x 3. Every labour and delivery has been different. My first was 52 hrs from when my water broke to when he was born. Because I ended up having to have an epidural (it was that or a c-section), I didn’t experience the same labour pain as I did later with my others. But there is something to be said about 52 hrs! Labour for my second child was similar to my first where I was in labour but not dilating. I remember feeling like a wild animal caged in the corner while we waited hours for the anesthesiologist to come, only to have an epidural attempted twice, which did not work thoroughly (trust me, you know it’s not working when you’ve had one work properly before!). From the time my water broke to when he was born, it was 14 hrs. Then, labour for my third was again different. I was induced with the gel this time (overdue 10 days, like my second) because my water had not yet broken. The gel was extremely effective but in a somewhat artificial way because your entire body isn’t necessarily in synch. I was only in active labour for about 4 hrs with her, going from 2 to 9 cm from Brantford to Hamilton (30 min drive)! Dilation varies but I think it averages 1 cm/hr. You do the math. Ok, enough about this topic!
2. Fracturing Two Ribs. Yep, it’s got the #2 spot. Sneezing, laying down, rolling over, bending over, getting up from laying down, and breathing was pretty nasty for about 10 days. The good news is that the worst part is over now. I have to take extra caution around the kids and with the ice outside because bumping the area would be nasty. We decided that it’d be best to put the skates away until next season because of this. It was a difficult decision and I will certainly return to it but I have to let myself heal and falling again would really set me back.
3. Wisdom Teeth Extraction. I had a dental abscess and dry socket when I had my four wisdom teeth extracted in my early 20’s. I could not reach my surgeon and was beside myself, not knowing what was happening. I remember rocking in my chair in pain, back and forth, watching the clock to take my next pain pill.
4. Fascial Scraping. Having plantar fasciitis over the years, I’ve had a few people do the fascial scraping (aka Graston) on the bottom of my feet/lower leg.

I must say that having kids has been a welcome distraction to most of this (although the reason for the #1 pain!). I used to take my second son with me while I had the fascial scraping done. He’d hold my hand and I’d read books to him during the treatment. It helped take my mind off things. As for the fractured ribs, life goes on. It’s painful but I have to get things done around the house; I can’t sit and feel sorry for myself, waiting to get better. It will come.

I had a pretty decent week. Like I said before, this injury hasn’t set me too far off the original plan. I’ve only lost one training day and have toughed it out. I still can’t swim front crawl but can do some breaststroke. And I can do the elliptical, holding the handles with my hands now. I continue pool running, biking and running with minimal pain. I did about 11 hrs of cardio and my RHR is 32. Tomorrow’s 8 km run will be my longest yet! I’m going to stay on the treadmill for another two weeks to be safe. Then I’ll gradually get outside, starting with the trails then the road. Running Around the Bay is still the plan but it will be more of a training run. I’d love to complete it with a solid effort.
God is good. All the time!

I’ve been wearing this thing around since my back has been pretty
sore due to compensation. Of course, heat and ice are in the mix. I had a
much better physio session with Patricia this week because we were able
to do much more than last. In only 10 days, it’s much easier to get
those pelvic/glute muscles engaged again because the pain is less.
Sherri worked on my diaphragm as this is often an area of concern with
rib injuries. Breathing exercises are now part of the daily routine!

I’ve been wearing my compression gear, which has helped keep the ribcage secure. Thanks, Saucony!

I’m wanting more of my post work-out Stacey B mixture of pureed plain greek yogurt, kale, frozen blueberries, protein powder and a bit of pumpkin seed butter. It’s our favourite lunch for Leah and I!
And this is how it ended before I started my phase one (Feb-May) of no-treats-for-six-months. Phase two (May-Aug) will be even tighter. More about that later but it will likely involve a change in my grain products consumption.
This has been a great crock pot week. With hockey practices and other things going on, this is the way to go! We enjoyed some pork tenderloin and chicken this week and I cooked some Red River cereal in it overnight. I’ll try doing steel cut oats this week.
So glad I contributed to the awareness of this. There were 96, 266, 266 tweets, Facebook shares, texts and long distance calls, which totaled $4, 813,313.30 additional dollars Bell donated to mental health programs. Mental health issues are often difficult to understand. My mom suffered most of her life from mental illness. When she was diagnosed with leukemia, it was much easier for people to understand.  

Micah came home with his “stories” book from school the other day. Most were about how much he loves hockey. But he also had a few other cute entries, including this one, “My mom is fast. She almost made it to the Olympics. She is the fastest in our family. And once she was the fastest in Canada (2010)”. Love that boy!

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  1. It's amazing what the human body can go through and still come out the other side. Way to push through the pain!

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