Another Obstacle – Finding Strength to Persevere

So, I had a bit of an accident this week. After 20+ years of hockey, I’d never broken a bone or had a major injury. But this streak came to an abrupt end on Tuesday.
I’ve been on the ice a lot this season with the kids, helping with hockey practices, taking them to public skates, and joining them with their school. I’ve enjoyed volunteering my time, helping kids establish the fundamentals of skating and Leah’s loved the opportunity to get on her skates too. Also, it’s been a good way to get the glute and hip areas a bit stronger.
So, on Tuesday I was at the school skate with the grade 1-3’s. With my skates on, I was holding Leah who had her skates and helmet on, chatting with another mom who is in Canada with her family until June when they return to the mission field. Ironically, we were talking about training at altitude. She lived in an area where many travel to hike the hilly mountains. I can’t remember much more about the conversation because all of a sudden I had my feet knocked out from underneath me. I didn’t know what was happening and heard myself scream while in mid-air. Leah and I fell to the ground. Hard. And I got the wind knocked out of me. Playing hockey, I’d experienced this before but this time it was much worse. I’d never hit the ground so hard nor unexpectedly with child in arms. I fell directly on one of Leah’s skates. My first natural reaction was to see if Leah was ok. Many ran to my rescue and insisted that I not pick her up. I could hardly get up myself, was having a hard time catching my breath, and had major pain in my ribcage. I had been hit by a speedster, not watching his path. These things happen.
I was pretty shook up and emotional, especially because it was Micah’s 7th birthday and afterward he kept skating past, looking to see if I was ok. I knew he was concerned.One of my desires as a runner was to always keep active as a mom with my kids. Seeing him hurting for me was really emotional.
That day and the next weren’t terribly bad. I had already worked out Tuesday morning and continued with my usual training routine Wednesday but modified it a bit. I couldn’t swim laps but could pool run, use the elliptical, bike and run on the treadmill at a moderate effort. Wednesday evening while at work, I chatted with my running friend, Dr. Henry who said the real pain was yet to come as part of the healing. I broke a rib a year and a half ago but it wasn’t nearly this bad. Thursday morning I headed to the gym at 5:30 am and was really hurting. I only biked and pool ran. Upon returning home, the pain really started. That evening I had a physio appointment and Sherri confirmed that 2 ribs were indeed fractured. A few more tears were shed, hearing her say what I already knew. Patricia did a modified version of our session and they assured me I would maintain what I’d been working on with my pelvis and next week would be much better.
A few of the hardest things have been laying down, getting up, and sleeping. Like the later stages of pregnancy, getting comfortable has been difficult. I’ve been using my body pillow. To add insult to injury, I also got a cold and discovered that you can’t sneeze without taking a full breath. Even blowing my nose has been difficult. Thankfully it hasn’t been in my chest. Coughing would be difficult.
On Friday morning, I again woke up with a lot of pain. I so wanted to work out but knew my body was saying no. It ended up being a snow day so the boys were home from school, and the babysitting at the gym was cancelled. So, I listened, stayed home, and made a larger than usual pot of coffee. I enjoyed the family day and later a night out with some girlfriends, hearing Kevin Leman speak at the Full Circle, Lead with Love, Crossroad’s Women’s Conference in Burlington. I knew Dr. Leman would be entertaining so was glad I wrapped my ribcage with a tensor bandage before I left!
Today I am feeling much better. I was able to take my first full breath to sneeze, although it hurt terribly! I can stretch my arm up without pain and think the worst is over. Fortunately this injury won’t set us back too far from the plan since we’ve been very conservative with my return to running. Sherri and Patricia will keep an eye on things at my weekly appointments.

I sat down to email Rick an update and I thought I would end by sharing it …

Hi Rick,
Just thought I’d send you an update.I enjoyed my day off yesterday and did a lot of thinking. Life is full of ups and downs and I know I will get through this trial. Right
now the Christian radio station has a program on about finding strength
to persevere
. It is based on professional athletes and they have some
interesting guest speakers with great stories. How fitting.
broken ribs is another trial to go through but we will overcome.
Perhaps my hip needed just a bit more time to ease into the running so
it may be a blessing in the end.
We just had our pancake and waffle breakfast, I have coffee and my Bible in hand, and the kids are playing nicely. Blessed.
going to enjoy this last day of relaxation and eating anything because
tomorrow is the big day. My plan was to go back to my no sweets or
unhealthy food like I did before Toronto (for 3 months). Tomorrow is
six months to the day I will run in Moscow so I am ready to get back on
track again. I just had my last waffle and will end the day with one
last treat. 
I rode the bike this morning for 40 minutes and
plan to do my 2 x 10 minute running sessions this afternoon on the
treadmill. Perhaps a wintery walk later too for fresh air and
reflection.  I will continue to be very careful and use pain as my
In summary…
I. Am. Ready. 
Day one is Feb 10 And that is tomorrow!
I am quite excited to see the training plan you have developed for me.


Isaiah 40:31

New King James Version (NKJV)
31 But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint.
Tour of the new Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre: Krista DuChene, Kevin Sullivan, Rick Mannen, Rick Sullivan, and Sandy Jackson. Kevin came to his hometown, Brantford, to speak at the annual Brantford Sports Banquet. Congratulations to NHL’er Adam Henrique,
winner of the Frank Tomlin Award for sportsperson of the year. Honoured to have been a finalist with PGA Tour golfer,
David Hearn.
Saucony compression shirt, ice pack, and tensor bandage with two taped broken ribs underneath. Leah frequently brings me my heating pad and ice packs, which is so cute. I guess it’s become normal around here!  photo.JPG


  1. So sorry! I wondered how it could have happened. Another person not paying attention makes sense.

    I am reminded of a long time hiking/skiing friend who cross-country skied until he was 80 and was still doing a lot of hiking and walking in his mid 90's. A woman on a bike, not paying attention, ran him down as he walked near his home on the sidewalk. My friend did not make it out of the hospital, dying there a few days later after a very full and active life.

    It is very sad when one has to go through pains due to others not being fully awake. I am impressed that you are doing as much as your are with the pain of your injury but I also believe that working through the pain is the fastest way to recovery. Keep going, be careful, watch out for incoming bodies.

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident and injured ribs. What a drag! Glad you are recovering well and getting started with a new training program. Good luck! Roger

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    I have a question about your blog, could you please email me? Thanks!!


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