Moving Along

January 26, 2013
I’m quite pleased with my progress this month. Not including walking, I averaged about 9-10 hr/wk of various cardio-activities, which included a few work-outs but mostly concentration on maintaining proper form with a somewhat elevated heart rate. I spent more time pool running and biking and less with the elliptical and swimming. I found the elliptical was affecting my knee at times, and I occasionally got a sore shoulder with the swimming. Definitely don’t want a cross-training injury! I had Lisa record me pool running so that Rick and I could take a look. Thanks to that, the pool running has allowed me to stay focused more on my form.  The bike has allowed me to best elevate my heart-rate. 
I also got in my 2+ hours of walking done on the weekends. I love getting the fresh cold air that I miss while being in the Gretzky Centre so much. Speaking of the Gretzky Centre, I will be living there this weekend with Micah being in a tournament. So glad it’s only 1.1 km from home!
The best news is that I am running again!! Patricia started me a few days early and I had no complaints! We started with 2×1 min of running with walking between. I am now up to seven minutes total, now doing 2 minutes at a time. And, no I am not going crazy. We invested this time to recover, heal and properly strengthen the muscles to be used correctly; I am not going to mess it up and do too much, too soon. Sherri and Patricia have been amazing as Essential Physio. On Thursday, Rick came in to observe my physio session, and have a little meeting to discuss my progress and next steps. The three of them watched me run on the treadmill. They noticed a few other things that need correcting. I can’t believe how these people can see things others cannot. A few weeks ago, Rob asked my about my right ankle. I had sprained it back in my hockey days and he could tell from across the room that it wasn’t moving right. And when I was running, Patricia and Sherri noticed one of my shoulders was not right. Rick taped me running and I know I will benefit from watching it, as I did the pool running video. The best part was when Sherri checked my pelvis. After just a few days of a bit of running, the pelvis was going to be the determining factor. If it was shifting back, we would have been in trouble. BUT she was very pleased with it so we continue on!
I am constantly aware of my posture, positioning, core and glute muscles. The whole connection between the brain and muscles is quite interesting. I remember the first time they had me properly work my core. I’d been consistently doing ab work prior to that but abs and core are entirely different! The brain got the muscles going and it seems like I’m always doing something now…squeezing my glutes, relaxing my shoulders, not crossing my legs, keeping my weight on both legs while standing, etc. It makes it so much easier, knowing I can do these things while driving, changing a diaper, folding laundry or just sitting.  
So, the plan for the next month or so is to gradually increased the running. I’ll stick to the treadmill so as to have level ground and use the mirror to correct my form. We’ll beef up the workouts and keep up the good work we’ve been doing.
A neat part about my experience with my physiotherapy is the number of people – at the gym, other moms and runners, etc who have asked about my progress and stated that they have had lingering issues for quite some time. Whether you are a runner or not, getting to the bottom (pardon the pun, in my case) of an issue is a must. I think Essential Physiotherapy is going to see a rise in new patients. Makes sense that they are putting a “sports therapy” sign with the existing one!
Well, I’d better get to my 7 minute run…..

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