A New Year

My last post was Dec 31, the last day of 2012.
Today is January 9, the first day at age 36.
2012 was an incredible year and I am so excited about 2013.

I am incredibly thankful for my accomplishments, and support from so many people, family members, and friends.
Thank you, Jonathan, Micah, Seth and Leah, for your love and inspiration.
Thank you, Rick, for your expertise as coach and manager.
Thank you, Eload, Saucony and Chariot, for your generous support.
Thank you, Brantford, for your encouragement!

In 2012 I had personal bests in each distance I raced.
Each time was a top 5 in Canada for the year, I believe.

Marathon 2:32:06 Apr 2012.
Half Marathon 1:14:02 June 2012.
30 km 1:47:03 Mar 2012.
10 km 34:08 Aug 2012.
8 km 27:43 Jan 2012.
5 km 16:32 July 2012.

Hope you enjoy the highlights of 2012. I sure did!

The hip is coming along. I am getting stronger each week. Likely won’t start running until the end of January or early February. But that is fine. We are being wise and cautious and I’m staying fit with 90 min of cardio each day. We are starting to include workouts on the elliptical, then will start workouts with pool running.

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