Highlights of 2012

Winning the Around the Bay 30 km race in 1:47, a minute from the Canadian record.

Meeting Silvia Ruegger, Canadian marathon record holder at Athletes in Action dinner where she was guest speaker.

Travelling to Rotterdam for a shot at the Olympic standard. This picture was taken after Leah finished nursing, a week before I left.

Celebrating after our four personal best times at the Rotterdam Marathon. Way to go, Dylan, Rob and Lanni! The female winner of this race, Tiki Gelena went on to win the 2012 Olympic Gold!

A family trip to Ottawa where I ran the 10 km …


…a few hours after Jonathan and the kids did the 2 km.

Winning the Vancouver Scotiabank Half Marathon in 74:02 …

and seeing Stacey and Miss B. after!

Marathon Mom article in Canadian Running Magazine!

Preparing for STWM (plan B).

Supporting Brantford Tournament of Races.

Celebrating with STWM Race Director, Alan Brookes, and winner/marathon mom, Mary Davies.

Living this moment.

Being honoured. Check out the swelling in my left hip due to the glute mede pull!

Toughing it out to the end with Rejean by my side. Near personal best time.

Travelling to Japan with Rick and Team Canada to race in Chiba Ekiden relay.

So much support in Brantford. This picture was taken at City Hall, after they recognized me for my achievements.

Brant Sports Person of the 2012.

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