Moving Forward

It’s the last day of the year and a few weeks since my last post. I’ve heard people say that bloggers often don’t post when things aren’t going so well. But one thing I wanted to ensure with my blogging was being real, being honest, and being consistent. I think that it’s important to see how others struggle and cope with the ups and downs of training and racing, parenting and working. I think I blogged about the stress of moving, a few days after returning from the Rotterdam Marathon! Also, I’ve been pretty busy with the Christmas season and using my iphone 5 more so haven’t sat at my laptop for several days.
As you know, December was to be a season of rest and recovery. And it’s been, just that.
After many assessments, trips to the GTA, and discussions, we finally got my plan in place. Over the last several years, I’ve patched together my health care providers to meet my needs. Fortunately I never had a serious injury that kept me from training or racing for very long; I had little things here and there that were fixed by various local providers, who’ve been great. Going to Aurora to see Ron O’Hare regularly would be super, but a 3 hr return trip is not practical. I had a long list of various providers such as osteopaths, physios, chiropractors, and massage therapists in Dundas, Brantford, and Paris but was really hoping I could see one main person, in Brantford. I knew it wouldn’t be a quick and easy fix, rather one that required specific routine exercises. Ron, Rick, Jonathan and I were trying to come up with a plan.
Then, I sat with Rob.
When things work out well for people, they often say they are “lucky” or ask, “What are the chances?”. But,  I believe that when we give our problems to God, He works them out in His ways in His time. It had been 2 months since pulling my glute mede at STWM and my hip was still swollen with no plan in place. I had been able to train for and run in Japan, still had no pain, was enjoying the break, and maintaining my fitness but a bit concerned that I had no plan to get after this chronic tendon issue. And I was nearing the upper limit of the weight I did not want to surpass! I was feeling discouraged. Then during a 2.5 hr hockey practice, I sat with hockey coach and physiotherapist Rob McCall, and we got the ball rolling; I had an appointment with his physiotherapist wife, Sherri at Essential Physiotherapy, two days later. The two of them (and Ron) had come up with the reason for the tendon problem. Long story short is that my pelvis has likely been misaligned since my first pregnancy, 7 years ago! In 2010, after running 4 marathons in one year, I had pain in my right hip and right plantar fascitis. Then, I was pregnant again with #3. The break from running was good but again, the pelvis was unbalanced with a heavy load! The cambered running with my increased mileage also made the situation worse this past season. They were surprised it didn’t surface earlier. The best part, about when Sherri and Patricia did my hands-on assessment, was that it was consistent with Rob’s theoretical assessment and they didn’t even blink because of their specialization in pre/postnatal care. Hey ladies, if you’ve been experiencing issues during of after your pregnancy, get yourself into this place. They know their stuff.
So, I’ve seen Sherri and Patricia 4 times in two weeks, which is pretty good considering the busy schedules and limited hours over the Christmas holidays! The first time they explained things to me and told me that my body had to stop compensating and retrain the right muscles to work properly, all I could think about was the expression, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. I could hard recognize the muscles in my lower abs that had to be used right, despite the fact that I had routinely worked on my core. Also, the left leg was so weak that it shook during some exercises and we often had to use less weight to complete them properly. I didn’t know how I could “retrain” myself. BUT, with prayer, practise, and patience, I got my green light December 28 to advance to pool running. Dr Richards/Leung had initially said that my left leg was 60% strength and I could pool run at 75% and run at 90%. I was so encouraged when Sherri assessed the leg and said, “Oh yeah, you can pool run”. I knew the left leg was stronger due to rest, cardio, weights, and physio exercises at home, but wanted my providers to make the call. So, I’m guessing that we’ll stick to pool running for a few weeks before starting some running. When I start running, we really have to make sure that I watch my surfaces with the wintry weather and cambered roads that were also a major contributing factor to the tendonosis. Good thing I’m a treadmill runner! I’m also making other changes such as not crossing my legs or ankles, watching my posture, and holding Leah in the middle of my body. No more baby on the hip! I’ve had my fill of sweets and turkey dinners and look forward to moving forward, getting back to where I belong. Rick and I are going to meet to discuss my training plan, now that my break is nearly over and my hip is improving. We’ll likely start with workouts on the bike, elliptical and pool. Running will be easy, once I start. Realistically I see a solid six month plan, starting in February, leading to worlds in August. So, the races I had planned to do between now and then are likely going to be more for training than anything else; the Robbie Burns 8 km, Chilly Half Marathon, and Around the Bay 30 km likely won’t be as fast as last year but I’ll be pleased to get even one of them in, if that.
Recently Rejean posted about his running routes in Toronto, which gave me the idea to do something similar. So, I’ve included some pictures to show how I’ve kept my fitness and built my strength, indoors! I’ve done quite a bit of walking outdoors, including a great non-stop-talk 1.5 hr walk with Karen Harvey, but these pictures are to encourage you to explore the indoor options.
I’d better get to my laundry mountain, find and feed my kids but I do hope to return to my laptop to do a recap of 2012, perhaps tomorrow on the first day of the year after the New Year’s Run with the Brantford Tournament of Races. 
Jonathan and Micah plan to do the 5 km together. Seth, Leah and I will do the fun 1 km run.Then, like last year we’ll go to Cora’s for Breakfast. We love family traditions.
Happy New Year!
2012 was great.
2013 will be even better.

Strengthening my quads and hamstrings.
Back on the elliptical.
These machines will remain part of my strength routine. Gotta keep the adductor and abductor muscles in fine form.
Of course there is the pool. I started swimming regularly in 2005 when I was injured and couldn’t run. I tell people that it was likely the best thing to happen to me as it taught me the value of cross-training. I often tell people that swimming is my water physio. I usually mix it up between laps and pool running over an hour.
Herbie Jr. is my shiny red bicycle. It’s been with me at the cabin and in triathlon races but mostly in the basement. As a mom, I’m so glad to have the bike for those days I need a back-up plan.

Here’s the “Reformer” at Essential Physio. The first time I used it, I was pretty weak in the left leg. It’s amazing how I’ve progressed. Thanks, Sherri and Patricia. I look forward to you providing my care.

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  1. Happy New Year! All the best to you in 2013. 🙂

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