Super salads, each unique … try it for yourself!

I must say that I’ve had a pretty positive response to the salad I posted a few weeks ago. It was kale with scrambled eggs, feta cheese, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. Obviously as a dietitian and runner, I eat a fairly healthy diet. Salads are often perceived as boring or for dieters but that’s not how I see it! You can do anything with a salad, getting a lot of excellent nutrients without the excess calories. For me, every salad is different and I love it! Start with your dark green leaf (kale, spinach, mesculin mix or a combination), add your lean protein (egg, tuna, salmon, poultry, beef, pork, tofu) and raw or cooked vegetables (peppers, onions, mushrooms, broccoli, cucumber, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, etc.) with some dressing (my favourite is olive oil with balsamic vinegar) and a few extras (dried fruit, nuts, seeds, olives, feta or goat cheese). Toss it together with a glass of milk and piece of whole grain bread for a great meal. Love it!

Mesculin mix and spinach with salmon, cucumber, mushrooms, olives, craisins and yellow pepper.

Kale and spinach with steak, sweet potato and onion.
Spinach with chicken, cauliflower, mushrooms and red pepper.

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