What a lovely day to enjoy a family walk on the trails.

Last week was busy with Jonathan away for work but the kids and I kept “Team DuChene” going strong. Whenever the kids are fighting or misbehaving, I remind them that we are to respect ourselves and each other, and as a team member, we each have a part that is important. It takes the focus off of ourselves as individuals and allows us to strive for something higher, involving other people. The kids were great to feed the dog, take out the recycling and garbage, empty their backpacks, load the dishwasher, help each other, etc.and we were all pleased to get to school, hockey, and work in good time. Certainly there were trying moments but it seems that it gets easier with more kids! It’s certainly helped that my training has not been too intense; I have more energy than during my STWM build. I continue to cross train and run each day but am far from 160+ km weeks, as I should be. The hip is still not 100% but Coach and I were pleased with my two shorter speed sessions on the track. On Tuesday I did 8x200m and on Friday I did 6x400m and it seems all should be well for a decent 5 km. I’m looking forward to running my part in the relay for Team Canada in the Chiba Ekiden road race. Looks like we have a great team for 2012. On Saturday morning, I enjoyed running with the guys again and talking with my good friend, Clayton who just returned from Japan. He and my sister-in-law have given me some great tips about the flight, culture, and general experience. I must say that I am a bit concerned about a 13 hour flight though. Oh my!
I’ll likely keep the cross-training and mileage (close to 90 km) about the same this week to maintain my fitness, keep up a bit of speed, and continue to recover (e.g. hip) from last month’s 42.2 km.
It’s going to be another busy week. We have the usual (hockey, meetings, work, etc.) but also a special event at City Hall where the Mayor is going to honour me before council, AND a Rogers Inside Brant cable tv interview. The best thing about these two special events is that Coach Rick will also be there. Brantford is quite excited to see the two of us joined together as a team. Rick grew up in Brant County and ran over 50 marathons in 25 years, which has made him a local celebrity for his many successes, and given him an amazing ability to both coach and manage my running. Many have known Rick and heard of me, or known me and heard of Rick. Our success in 2012 with the Brantford Tournament of Races Series, my Around the Bay victory, 2:32:06 P.B. and attempt in Rotterdam to qualify for the Olympics, 4th place finish at the STWMarathon, Canada Running Series champion, and being named to the Chiba team (Rick as coach, me as an athlete) for Team Canada has certainly put us in the local news a lot this past year. And the best part is that there is more to come!

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  1. You blow my mind, your running, the way you keep your family moving forward. I'm a mother of three and training for my first 1/2 marathon (Chilly Half 2013). I have a great support system and a couple amazing friends to run LSDs with. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog (which I just discovered today). You're such an inspiration. What is your favourite part of Brantford to run? I adore the trail systems here.

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