Got It Done

Well, I got the job done today at the Zoo Run/Cdn 10 km Championships in Toronto. I think I can now say that I’m not a big 10 km race fan. You just don’t seem to get into a groove (especially on courses with lots of turns, like today’s). But, they are necessary for the marathon.
Today’s race had a good mix of short and long distance runners. Megan Brown (today’s winner) posted on Facebook, “The worst thing about racing distance again is drinking Beet Juice.” to which I replied, “The best thing about racing sprints is not carb loading (;”. Kate Van Buskirk pointed out that the 10 km is only 2x the distance for the 5 km folks whereas we marathoners were running 1/4 of our distance. Interesting.
Anyway, my time (34:47) and place (5th) was nothing spectacular but that was not the goal. It was a decent tempo with no taper and I am in fine form to do my 32 km long run tomorrow morning. The foot is coming along, which is great.
I enjoyed chatting with Tarah (3rd place today) and Wesley Korir (2012 Boston Marathon Champ) about their Kenyan Kids Foundation. Recently they had a team of health professionals at their hospital in Kenya who saw over 2000 patients in 2.5 weeks! I just love that these two use their gift of running to give back. When I was asked at the press conference about the “fame” of our (Lanni and my) success I simply said that it’s not about me; God gives me this gift and I feel His pleasure when I run (Eric Liddell). And like Silvia and her start2finish program, if I had the Canadian marathon record, it would be about how I could give back.

Below is a picture of us at Friday’s press conference for the upcoming STWM. It was fun to be up there with Silvia, Lanni, Rob, Reid and Matt. Here’s an article from the Toronto Star. Canadian Running Magazine will post something soon too.

Something new…I created a Twitter account today. Lots to learn! @kristaduchene

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