The Healing Heel. Viewer Discretion is Advised.

Lanni and I are back to familiar surroundings again; resting and relaxing before a race. We’ve really enjoyed rooming together since Rotterdam. This morning we went for a short run then got ready for the press conference for the upcoming STWM. It went well as could be expected with the lead of Alan Brooks, and involvement from Paul Gains, Mihira Lakshman and the like. We even got a brief appearance from Eric, Dylan and Reid who were downtown for the Olympic Athlete parade. 
As for the heel, it is coming along. I can run in shoes but prefer to walk in sandals. As you can see from the pictures, it is a good one. I’ve had blisters from my skates but nothing like this. A little (ok, rather big) blister will not stop me. Remember, I have given birth three times. Pain is temporary. The plantar fasc. still lingers but other than that, all is well. 
Tomorrow is the Oasis Zoo Run, which is host for the Cdn 10km Road Champs.
Great competition here but the focus is to simply use it as a tune-up for STWM. I am even prepared to drop out if there is any risk for the big Oct 14 race.

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  1. I almost threw up. Almost. 😉 You know me and gore. I'm glad it's healing, though. Keep on keepin' on!

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