A(mazing) B(lister) C(alculator) D(arren)

Four weeks left. Time is flying! Training is amazing!
So, I completed another 100 mile week (with one day off, 2 bikes and 2 swims) in preparation for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. I had a great 6x1200m workout on the track (each at 3:20/km pace) and 24 km tempo on the treadmill (9 miles at 3:38/km). Then, I ran my second longest long run of 43 km. Coach Rick joined me for the first part then I met up with Clayton, Henry, James, and Darren who drove in from Toronto, for the remaining 29 km. Darren – what a great guy! I was thrilled to have him join me, especially for the 16 km pick-up in the middle of the run. I tell you, Darren did an amazing job of pacing me through that tough part. We weren’t quite as fast as coach planned but were very pleased with the effort and consistency. I must also say that I was wearing my fuel belt, which was equipped with my eload gels and fluids AND suffering through a new blister. Darren drove me back home and even stayed for some Emend recovery drink AND waffles and fruit with our family, and my brother’s. What a great morning. Thanks, Darren!
Emend Cheers with Darren Lee! (great colour coordination, eh!)

Had to get the calculator out to get my carbs right and ready for the
long run. Don’t want to be trying anything new on race day!

OUCH! This is by far the worst blister I’ve ever had (or seen). So here’s the deal…my plantar fasc. was so bad (the last 4-5 days) that I decided to go back to my orthotics. Risky so close to STWM, yes. But  I was not finding much relief with therapy, stretching, and icing. The orthotics helped for sure and I know there are many thoughts and theories about the use of orthotics but I had to do something. From barefoot to full support, I’ve come to the conclusion that you have to do what feels right and what works for you. So, hopefully I can use the orthotics for part of the rest of my training, without causing other problems. Yes, the blister is one of those other problems but (and I hope I don’t regret this) still worth it, considering how much better my P.F is (for now, anyway). 

 This is what you get when you let your sweet daughter play through your desk drawer when you are on the computer!


  1. Nice blog Krista! I read about your plantar fasciitis and I thought I'd share my experience with you. I went through a bad case of plantar fasciitis starting last April. Actually, it's still there but down to a really mild case. I tried everything you can find on the Web and the one that helped me was organic ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar). I drank the stuff and applied it to my heel. Sounds funny but when you're desperate… Anyway, I thought I'd share it in case it helps you out.

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