Five Weeks Left!

Recovery from the Virginia Beach Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon was much easier than that of the Rock n’ Roll 10 km. The shorter and faster races with hills and turns are much harder on my left foot (plantar fasciitis) so with the flat V.B. Half course, my foot was less sore. I was very diligent to keep it moving, stretched, and iced (using the golf ball afterwards) to prevent tightening. Also, I only ran 140 km the week after so as to fully recover before starting my last three weeks of 160 km/wk prior to tapering for STWM.
This week included a track workout (400m,800m,1600m,800m,400m), tempo (5 miles at race pace), and 36 km long run (which I ended up doing on the treadmill due to the POURING rain). Also did my daily core routine, biked twice, and swam/pool ran four times.
I am making good use of the Trigger Point roller, chiropractor, and massage therapist these days. Now is the time to pay great attention to any little ache or pain. With only 5 weeks left (3 training + 2 taper), it’s time to really focus and take caution.
The 10 km Canadian Road Championships will be held at the Oasis Zoo Run in Toronto, Sept 22. I’ll be in town for the STWM press conference the day before and will likely race but have yet to decide for sure. Definitely don’t want to risk the biggie, Oct 14th!

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