Kitchen n’ Kids

This is how our dishwasher looked in our kitchen Saturday after a 40 km run, soccer tournament, and loading a few moving trucks for a friend in 30+ C weather. Thank you, Eload!


Another favourite food of mine, seen a lot in our kitchen these days….I call it Triple P.  Peach on Peanut Butter Pumpernickel toast. Sooo good!

 Kid #2,

 Kid #1, and

Kid #3 enjoying waffles, fruit and milk in our kitchen for breakfast.


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  1. Just read Canadian Running…way to go! Super-awesome article! I know having 3 kids has made me faster! (It's all of that involuntary cross-training)!
    Congrats on being such an inspiration to so many runners (moms, and non-moms alike)!!

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