Silvia Rueggar Story – A Great Read!

Silvia Rueggar – an inspiration for me!
Canadian Marathon Record Holder, Christian, U of G Grad, and National Director of Start2Finish Running and Reading Clubs

I finished another solid week of training this morning with a 40 km run for a total of 165 km. I did my intervals (6x1km) later in the week so as to recover from Sunday’s race. Got in my cross-training (M,W, F bike and Tu, Th pool) and core/stretching/roller routine every day too. I have some plantar fasciitis in my left foot, which was aggravated by last Sunday’s race but after having it for 2 years (in my right foot) I seem to know how to deal with it (stretch and roll the calf, wear Strassburg sock to bed, ice) so it’s coming along.
This week we’ll take it down to about 130 km so as to prepare for the Virginia Beach Half (Sept 2). Coach Rick and I believe that if I can run around 1:13 I’ll be in decent shape for a shot at breaking Silvia’s 27 year old Canadian record of 2:28:36.  Read about it here. Of course, Lanni will battle me for it!

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