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Finishing the Rock the Road
10 km race in London. Race went well. Felt strong and steady but I
gotta say, I don’t love 10 km’s (yet)! Seems that they hurt as much as a
5km but last longer! You just don’t get into a rhythm like you do in
the longer ones. But, I was able to knock off some seconds (51 to be
exact) to get another personal best (34:08). Coach and I are pleased as
34 minutes was the goal. Next race is the Virginia Beach Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon, Sept 2nd. Good prep for STWM!

Great race, Chantelle and Brandon! Thanks!
Photo: Coach Rick Mannen.

I often get asked what I eat as a dietitian and marathon runner. Gotta give credit to my great friend, Stacey, for this one. Here it is: greek yogurt (and a bit of vanilla yogurt), frozen berries, protein, kale, and a bit of peanut butter put through the food processor. If I feel like drinking it, I use milk and less yogurt (and the blender instead of the processor). LOVE IT! Don’t knock it til you try it! And…

 my evening snack satisfies my desire to crunch with rice cakes and celery (and a bit of peanut butter)! Often enjoyed with a big cup of tea.

 Just had to show you our sweet Leah, kissing her dolly.

 Oh, our lovely coffee station…favourite place in the house!

OK, talk about being real. Here’s what my kitchen looked like today. LOADS of laundry to fold, fresh pancakes, a cup of coffee, my day-planner, my roller, and Leah’s picnic basket. I finally finished the laundry….several hours later!

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