2012 Olympic Women’s Marathon

So, since I’m not running in this race, I decided to run my own 42 km this morning. I intended to run about 37 km but by the time I met up with the guys and because I felt great, it ended up a little longer (and faster!). It seems that I am consistently running negatives splits on all my runs these days, which is great. I love feeling faster and stronger in the second half.
Recovery is more important than ever these days with the high (for me) mileage and intensity; fairly easy to do with the Olympics to watch! As soon as I return from a run, I drink my Emend (orange or chocolate made w/ milk and water – oh so good from the fridge), stretch/core, shower/bathe, eat breakfast (oatmeal+protein+p.b., grapefruit, greek yogurt + cottage cheese), fix a coffee, check email, and relax (oh, and care for the 3 kids!). I’m not able to nap until the baby has her nap around 1:00 pm but when I do it’s short and sweet (the boys get to watch tv so the house is quiet!).
I plan to continue running 160km/wk until the week before the Rock the Road 10 km race. I’m loving my new Saucony Cortanas – they are SWEET! It took a while to figure out which shoes were perfect for me and I’m very grateful.
Time seems to be flying already. It’s August so the summer is half over, my 4 yr old starts school in September, then STWM is in October!!

Tomorrow is the 2012 Olympic Women’s Marathon. I plan to start my run at 5:30 a.m. so that I can come back to watch the last hour. Should be good. Quite a fast field. I’m going to go with Ethiopia’s Tiki Gelana (she won with 2:18 in Rotterdam when Lanni and I were there) or Russia’s Liliya Shobukhova for the gold.
Hopefully you’ll be watching me in Rio after your own run 4 years from now (;

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