Plan B

Plan B.
Let me take you back two months. Shortly after returning from
Rotterdam where I ran a PR and breakthrough of 2:32:06, I started to
re-think my next plan. Coach Rick was recovering from surgery so I
wanted to give him some time. Meanwhile I asked a few people for their thoughts about the best route for my running career. Nicole Stevenson gave me some great advice as did Alan Brookes.
You see, Jonathan and I were actually thinking about baby #4 (!!!?) but
since Lanni and I agreed to start the process to apply as Rising Stars
for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games (Plan A), the baby idea was put on
hold. Should we have been named to the team, it wouldn’t look so good if
I was pregnant!
So, Plan B was developed – run the Ottawa 10 km in May, the Scotiabank
Vancouver Half Marathon in June, the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront
Marathon (STWM) in October, and the 2013 World Championships in Moscow.
Obviously the 2012 Olympics would have been a huge thrill but
realistically an early bonus in terms of my long term plan; a few years
ago I set the 2016 Olympics as my ultimate goal so I’m back on track
with that. I’ll be honest, when our appeal was denied the few days after
were a bit difficult. With another personal best this season (Vancouver
Half in 1:14:02, one minute and forty seconds faster) and a hearing w/
the SDRCC that went really well, my hopes were higher than ever. Now, I
still knew it was unlikely that we’d go to London but my training was
also perfectly in line for an August 5th marathon. I was successfully
handling 160 km weeks AND intense workouts. Even my RHR was at an
ultimate low of 29!! But, as I already wrote (and pardon the pun), it
was “Not this time”. God is good, all the time.
So, this week coach Rick and I met to finalize Plan B. We decided a two
week semi-break (decrease the mileage and intensity) would be a good
idea, mentally and physically, before starting my build to run a super
fast and strong STWM, October 14!!!! I did not want to try to maintain
the current training for fear of being flat in October. I had to put
London behind and Toronto ahead. We are away for a week of family
vacation so the timing couldn’t be better to switch things up a bit.
During this time I will also enjoy a few sweets and treats. Back when I
was training for Rotterdam, I did not have one bite of any sweet or
treat for 3 months so I know I will do it again, starting July 22nd, the
first day of STWM training.
I’m thrilled.
I’m excited.
It’s going to be

Here is the STWM story!
 “My running is a gift from God,” she declares. “God has a plan for me so
I am not disappointed [to miss London 2012]. I am still looking forward
to 2016 and hopefully His plan is for me to make the Olympic team

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