Pleased, very pleased.

Hello from Rotterdam! What a great race. Although I did not make standard for 2012, I am quite pleased with my new pb time of 2:32:05 and 7th overall (7 min faster than my last one in Ottawa, 2:39:08).

Going into this I knew I had a good shot if the weather was ideal. I gave it my all and was consistent throughout but that wind just took too much from a lot of us. A few seconds here and there made the difference. But both Lanni Marchant (2:31:51 !) and I are excited to get women’s marathoning a bit more attention in Canada! Can’t tell you how many times I heard (in various accents), “Girl Power”! And word has it that our times qualified us for 2013 Worlds in Moscow!
The Rotterdam marathon was great;they took care of us so well, before, during and after the race. I missed my Eload bottles a few times but can’t complain. Good thing I had my gels on me (6)! The cheering from the fans was great. They liked the Canadian flags (thanks, Saucony). We were planning to pace with a few others from Spain, going for 2:30 but that plan fell before 5 km when they dropped back. A few men asked what the group was going for and when they heard 2:30, Lanni and I were leading a pack of nearly 10 guys! I am all about ladies first but not when you are fighting wind and trying to make standard!
We are about to go for dinner and check out this wonderful city. Amsterdam tomorrow. This mommy has to take in the vacationing while she can!
Oh, of course I should mention that Rob Watson had a great race (2:13) and Dylan Wykes qualified for London with a speedy 2:10:47! 4 pb’s for four Canadians!
I will likely think of more to say so will write again. My amazing husband put the most amazing video of him and the kids at home. I have watched it a few times now. Looking forward to seeing them and Coach Rick when I return.
One last thing, a friend of mine wrote me a card saying “We are children of the most high God”. That was in my head the entire race. Nothing better than knowing that!


  1. I preached from Phil. 3 this morning and made much of both Jesus and running. 🙂

    Be blessed as you continue to train and press on toward the goal!

  2. Excellent run Krista! Now enjoy Holland. In Amsterdam I remember the Anne Frank House, the Rijksmuseum, and the Van Gogh Museum as highlights but your tastes may run in different directions. Whatever, enjoy!

    Dean (aka Ontario Wanderer)

  3. Amazing job!! I was up at 6:30am trying to look at the live feed, or get any results (i may have been searching at Church also 😉 .
    So proud of you!

  4. Congratulations on an incredible run, Krista! When you have a moment — between visiting the Netherlands and reconnecting with your family — we'd love if you could contact us at iRun Magazine so we can hear all about your adventures: editor[AT]iRunDOTca

  5. I am a blind runner and just found your blog! Fantastic result! Congratulations! Enjoy the down time!

  6. Terrific, amazing, wonderful, results. So proud of you. Now enjoy your last day touring. Try the pancakes, the croquettes, the pea soup. They were a few of my favorites.

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