Taper Time!

Well, it’s that time…time to taper! Many struggle with this stage of the training. It’s hard to adjust to changes in your diet and mileage but it’s necessary. I finished an easy 100 km week and feel good. I’m getting some work (massage, etc) done on my leg (shin/calf) but it should be ok.
Typically in the week leading up to the marathon, I do the carb-depleting for about 4 days while I slowly decrease the mileage. Then I do the carb-loading for three days while I really cut back on the running. Gotta get those glycogen stores stocked!
We are pretty busy these days (packing to move, working on the new house, doing taxes, etc.), which is great. One can get quite antsy when the marathon is around the corner!
So, my flight to Amsterdam is Wednesday evening. I am quite excited to get out there on Apr 15 to give it my all in the Rotterdam Marathon! If my math is correct, the plan is to finish before 7:59:55 our time.
Happy Easter, everyone! What a great weekend to reflect on Jesus’ death and resurrection. It’s all about Him, not me!

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  1. Hi Krista. I'm a close friend of Jen Nicholson (James's sister). I'm also a marathoner and mom (though no where near your caliber). But I do love to run and I feel the joy, much like you, with every stride I take. Jen has told me about your incredible running journey and I wanted to let you know you're a HUGE inspiraration to a few of us running moms here on PEI. We'll be cheering for you in Rotterdam – hope our positive vibes find their way across the ocean. God bless and God speed.

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