Around the Bay 30 km … wow!

(Josie Mannen photo)
Well, I sure surprised myself today. The plan was to run 3:40/km (goal marathon pace)…I ended up averaging 3:34/km, which got me 1:47:03 (59 seconds from the course record) and first female overall. What a thrill!
Dayna Pidhoresky raced today and I fully expected her to win. We ran the first 11 km or so together and I was able to keep up with her! Then I lost her at a water station and just kept looking forward. I was hoping to use my strength in the last 10 km on the rolling hills and killer hill at 26 km to gain a bit more distance and was successful. I guess doing the Bay a few times is an advantage. The last 10 km is definitely a challenge but like childbirth, it doesn’t hurt any less but you know what to expect (fyi childbirth is still waaay more painful than any race!!)! A big thanks to Dale, again, for his support on that killer hill.
Coach Rick was on route, which was great. His support is amazing (he and I are being interviewed in this picture). Exciting. Very exciting.
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  1. Congratulations Krista! That is amazing! All of your hard and training has really paid off!
    I happened to run across your name on the 'eload' discs… and have been following your blog for quite some time. For what I read from here, you are one lovely and courageous lady – setting a great example of what a wonderful person and athlete should be.
    Hopefully we can keep in touch via email, if you ever have the time.
    Prudence Lau – your big fan, and you're my biggest inspiration too.

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