Here’s a fun picture taken after Sunday’s race. These 3 fellas admitted that they were trying to catch me at the end but I was too strong. That is definitely something you want to hear!
Recovery (Emend, stretching, epsom salt baths) has been great since Sunday. For some strange reason, I love training the day after a race. I swam 2 km and ran (treadmill) a steady 18 km. So, in two days I ran 48 km, at about marathon pace. I think it’s good marathon preparation, for sure. I took Tuesday off (well, I biked 30 min but did not run/swim) and really enjoyed the day at home w/ Seth and Leah. I took them to a playgroup in the a.m. and while Leah slept in the afternoon, Seth and I packed and baked.
I enjoyed some speed work this morning, OUTSIDE in SHORTS! Loved it (but crazy winds – my per km times varied by 30 seconds, depending where I was on the track!). I plan to do 40 km this Saturday so another day like today would be great!

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