Crash But No Burn

So, the boys had stomach flu last weekend and the rest of us thought we dodged it. Then, Jonathan felt a bit off Monday so he stayed home from work. My stomach still felt fine but I knew I was close to the limit w/ my running. I was not over-training or ignoring an injury or anything like that, but I just needed a day off, sooner than planned. Then on Tuesday my stomach started to feel a bit off. So, I decided to go to bed in decent time. I hadn’t even fallen asleep and heard the dreaded cough coming from the boys’ room (they had been fine for 2 days). Poor Seth was puking again. We’d just put away all the buckets and got the laundry mountain done…and were back at it again. Jonathan was at hockey so I was on my own. I won’t get into details but it’s much easier w/ 2 parents than one, with a puking child. So, when he returned Jonathan started another load of laundry and slept on the couch. Seth slept w/ me. I tell you, when your kids are puking, it’s one of the hardest things. You feel terrible for them, and can hardly sleep because you fear, and don’t know, when they will puke again. So, Seth was sick one more time then slept until morning. But, I didn’t. Between sharing the bed with him (he is all over the place!) and an off-stomach myself, I had a rough night. Jonathan had to leave for work early so after a few failed attempts to get Micah a ride to school, I drove him myself, in my pj’s. Fortunately I didn’t have to get out of the van. So, I came back home w/ the younger two and CRASHED for the day, as best as I could; I still had an 11 mo. old and nearly 4 yr old to watch but made the best of it. While Leah napped, Seth got to watch tv and I slept. Honestly, I can’t remember when I’ve EVER done this but I stayed in my pj’s all day. After having some toast and a shower, I was able to go to work and all was well. Thursday, I shortened my Chariot run to 18 km, and Friday I did a steady swim and 19 km treadmill run at 6:00/mile (3:45/km), hill level 1. So, it’s a new weekend and we’ve moved past the stomach flu and are on to teething and ear infections. Consequently last night was pretty rough but I managed to get a great 38 km run in this morning. So, my mileage was lowered to 136 km this week (I had planned to do 155 km) but I’m glad I played it safe with the crash, and no burn. I have one more tough work-out (I did 10 km and 14 km at 10.5 mph incl 0.5, and plan to do 18 km this week) then will take it easy over the remaining 1.5 weeks in preparation for the upcoming Chilly 1/2 Marathon. Another 2012 race in shorts and PR sure would be nice!

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