Crazy Busy

Not the most flattering picture of Leah but sometimes we all feel like this!

Life has been crazy busy and I am running more than ever (and loving it!). All is well and I know I say it many times, and will say it again, that I am so blessed to have a great husband, 3 wonderful kids, and a healthy body. God is good!
We will be moving to a new house (just a bit bigger, still in town) in April, likely the weekend between my races in Vancouver and Montreal. So, between selling our house, planning renos for the new house (kitchen, floors, paint, etc.), and all the paper work (seems like a lot!), it’s been a bit crazy.
And there is more to come!
My now 11 month old baby girl had a fever last weekend, and my almost 4-yr old son had it this week. Combined with the fact that he is out-growing the childcare at the gym (like many do, who are soon to start school and who’ve been there since birth!), he was quite nasty one day, which made me feel terrible. A mom can easily feel guilty and over-analyze these things but thankfully he was back to his happy self today, and Maureen and Jeanetta reassured me that all was well.
My 6 yr old son just had his birthday last week, which was fun. He is now playing on a houseleague AND select hockey team. There was one week in January that he had 11 ice times in 12 days! On one day, he had 3 games, which was the day before my Robbie Burns race. Busy.
My husband has been so supportive, as usual, while he juggles his job, rec hockey/volleyball, leadership duties at church, and the rest of us! I’m so glad he can do the school run in the a.m. Next week he will start leading another course of Financial Peace University (life-changing!) and I will continue with my new weekly evening shift as RD with a local Family Health Team. Busy.
So, a few times this week I really had to be disciplined by going to bed early and napping when I could. I have to keep telling myself that rest is so important if I want to keep all of this craziness going! I can do a lot of praying while running, which is great during this busy time!

Here’s what I did this week (for those of you who don’t care so much about my personal life!):
Sun –
off (I usually take every other Sunday off)
Mon –
2km swim
20 km tempo on treadmill = 1 mile @ (9.7,9.8, 9.9,10.0,…10.7 incline 0.5)+1.5 mile@10.2mph
Tues –
27 km run with 2 kids in the Chariot
10 min quick Cannondale bike (rollers)
Wed –
2 km swim
15 km speed on track (warm up, 7x880m@ 3:29/km, cool down)
Thurs –
27 km run with 1 kid in the Chariot
10 min quick Cannondale bike (rollers)
Fri –
2 km swim
20 km on treadmill (8.5miles@10mph Hill1+ 4miles@10.2mph incl.1.0)
to be an easy 36 km run, which will end the total week w/ 145 km

One more hard week, then a 2 week taper for the Chilly Half. I’m now a bit below my pre-pregnancy weight and my RHR was 34 the other day so I’m hoping for a fairly speedy 1/2 marathon, March 4th. I’ll be looking forward to celebrating Leah’s first birthday later that afternoon. Crazy busy, yes.

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