Another Biggie!

This week I ran another highest-mileage-yet week, of 145 km. It ended w/ a solid 35 km long run this morning. Roads were quite snowy so there was much more effort required but it was great to run with James, Henry and Clayton. It had been quite a while. Seems like when I make my return from another baby, one of them is injured. Then we they make their return after injury, I am pregnant again!
On Monday I ran a 18 km tempo on the treadmill (incline 0.5), starting at 9.2 mph, peaking at 10.7 mph, and ending at 10.2 mph (goal marathon pace). I like ending at marathon pace so that it feels easy.
On Wednesday I did 14 km on the track, which consisted of a quick 2 km, 2 km, 1 km, and 2 km. It’s somewhat difficult to get a good feel for my pace because it’s a 210 m track but I think it’s definitely helping me stay somewhat speedy anyway.
On Friday I ran a “hilly” 16 km on the treadmill. I did hill level 3 @10 mph for 30 min + hill level 2 @ 10.1 mph for 15 min + hill level 1 @ 10.3 mph for 15 min.
This week I will take it down in intensity and mileage as I prepare to race the Robbie Burns 8 km, which is Jan 29th. Sure would be nice to race in shorts again in January! Wishful thinking!
Rick Mannen is going to provide some support for me, locally. I’m quite excited about this. He ran a 2:18 marathon and has several marathon victories from his racing days.

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