January 9, 2012 … a year older

The fact that I turned 35 last week is no biggie. My husband was kind enough to notify me that I’m half-way to 70. Gotta love that! Many marathon moms peak in their mid-late 30’s and I sure hope I am one of them. Constantina Tomescu won the gold at the Olympic games at the age of 38. And of course there is Paula Radcliffe , Deena Kastor , and Kara Goucher (who captured the 3rd and final spot at the USA Olympic Marathon trials this past weekend). I am so pleased with what these ladies have done for running and pregnancy/parenting.
Anyway, all is well for my training. I ran 130 km last week, which included a 30 km run. This week the plan is to do 145 km w/ a 35 km long run. I am on the treadmill 2x/wk, the track 1x/wk, pushing the Chariot (w/ the kids) 2x/wk, and on my own 2x/wk. I continue to swim 3x/wk but have decreased a bit on the bike. Of course I am keeping up a bit of core/stretching/weights. I am pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which is a good sign because I am still nursing and 4 months from the big day (Ottawa marathon).
Here are a few pictures to enjoy (new track at the Wayne Gretzky Sports Centre and Seth sporting some new Saucony goods).

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