A Day Off … Needed!

It’s been a week since my new speedy 10 km PR of 35:29 and I finally took a well-deserved day off. I hadn’t taken a whole day off since CHRISTmas day, 2 weeks ago and sure needed to. The last few weeks have been crazy! We had an offer accepted on a house (in town) so had to get our house ready to sell. This included (amongst many other things) my husband renovating a new bathroom. So, I was showering at the gym and taking the kids out in the evening to bathe. We had a wonderful week of Christmas celebrations then had to get the house finished to be listed. Today (Sunday) was our 9th house-showing in 6 days. I’ll tell you, I can run for a long time and not get tired but house-showing w/ a dog and three kids under age 5 is something else! House-flipping is not for me!
Last week I logged 115 km of running and I plan to do 135 km this week. This mild weather is GREAT for running! I just hope we don’t see blizzards in April!

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